Help with first cycle

  1. Help with first cycle

    I am 47 and not sure if I must start with a ph or as? Started 3 years ago and fallen in love with the life style. My diet is good and bf 16%. I am a hard gainer and have to work hard in the gym. My weight has been constant the last 6 months and the messy divorce did not contribute as well. I need something to increase my strength and wants to add dry gains. My test must be down as my libido is down and miss the aggression in the gym. Any ideas will be appreciate.

    I found a supplier online with good prices but $400 minimum order that must be money gram to them, no address or phone#. Not comfortable with that. Is that the norm for suppliers?

  2. hey bro. well first thing is low libido means pretty much squat in terms of test levels. speaking of... before you do anything go get yourself some baseline blood work done. for your first time. test baby, youll love it. pm sent

  3. I did, total test is 420.

  4. check your pms

  5. I did the same at 42. PM me for details.
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  6. "To be able to send PMs your post count must be 7 or greater."

    This stupid thing don't allow me to send the pm!

  7. I would like some info on this too.
    Any help appreciated.

  8. Went with HRT after full blood that was so out of wack.


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