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Older...wiser guess that fits me to the T. TRT is set at 1cc test e every 2 weeks. I just do .25 cc twice a week for the time being, feeling no highs or lows. Cruise fixed first, follow up blood work later this month. Libido still lower than normal but it is coming back slowly...only two weeks since I started up again. Drive and energy levels are coming back very quickly now...positive note. Found out that I weighed in at 197 lbs, yea right, diet changes and dropped to 190 lbs. Changing back to the old diet slowly, after a year of eating to make up for the lack of sleep took it's toll. Sunday, I have to visit the two gyms to pick one that will work best. I think the first goal is to cut weight until I get below 180 lbs. Then set the bar higher, new goal set and hammer until it gets done. Good time to blast and just to go for it.

Any suggestions on supplements to help this extra weight off lets hear them.! Tuberman, Grunt looking forward to hearing from you guys again !

Yeah, I do have several suggestions. First, some kind of A.I. such as Forma Stanzol or Erase to keep estrogen down. Also Tocotrienols are always good to help keep some internals working. And very important, just because you have more test, doesn't mean it can do it's work. You need something to free it up -- coconut oil for eating and cooking will help, and stinging nettle that has a lot of 3.4 Divinal is important. L-Carnitine l-Tartrate increases the receptors for all anabolics, so a 2-3 grams of that a day would help too. This is all just to aid your test efficiency. I'll get back to you on the weight loss stuff, but I want to see if others will help out on that area, as it is so vast.