36 Years old and ready to start stacking PLZ HELP!!!

  1. 36 Years old and ready to start stacking PLZ HELP!!!

    Like I said I am 36 years old and ready to start stacking. Back in my glory days I was a healthy fit athlete and now I am an overweight Dad who is embarassed to take his shirt off anymore. My son is 7 years old and I want to give him somebody to be proud of and to look up to. He looks and old pictures of me when I was playing ball and in the gym everyday and says who is this? Can anybody give me what would be a fast producing very productive stack? This is my first time on here and posting I think this is great there is a place we can go for help. My stats are I am 5'10" and 280 lbs (I know I am overweight but after 4 kids and 3 back surgeries I am lucky I aint heavier)!! Please Help Me!!!

  2. I would not use a prohormone at this point.Not flaming on u bro ok?? Most people who r experienced debate if u can run a productive cycle with a high body fat%.
    I would seriously start slow it's gonna take time and dedication but doesn't anything worthwhile?

    I got back into shape so I can live to see my grandkids be born and who knows maybe my great grandkids!

    start by walking and doing body weight excersizes ;pushupd lunges squats ect; also slowly modify ur diet don't deprive yourself it'll just back fire

    good luck!

  3. I would drop the body fat first before doing any 'stacking' Aromatase will work against your stack considerably. Work on restoring your natural hormone levels before taking exogenous ones.

  4. Hey reno, Im not clear on what your goal is ? are you trying to loose fat?
    for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come 1 Tim 4:8

  5. lot of good info given aleady. you sound motivated so use it. get your damn diet nailed down and do plenty of cardio. with your bf and weight id recommend morning fasted cardio. that fat will fly off you in a few months then you can start some more serious cardio. dont forget the weights man.

    i went thru similar situation with back problems that led to lazy and life and fat. when i got back i dieted hard, did fasted am cardio 4 days/week and weights 3x/week. in 9 months i dropped 40lbs of fat and had a wonderful body recomp. no hormones. as others have said at this point you are not ready for ph.

  6. First thing to improve is the amount of sleep you are getting and your diet. Just doing those two things will do wonders for you. Try it for 2 weeks and see if what I am saying rings true.


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