32 almost 33 but just don't have strength or energy

  1. 32 almost 33 but just don't have strength or energy

    What symptoms should I look for concerning possible low T? I just don't have the energy I think I should. My strength when lifting is just not where I feel it should be. I am grumpy often and in a down feeling from time to time. I can't seem to tone up like I want. I have excess fat around my middle and sides that I simply hate. It is getting worse all the time. Some may say it's not bad but when I look in the mirror I can't stand it. I have sore and very tight hips, legs...you name it. Injuries are harder to get over as well as even for small things.

    I feel my diet is not terrible. Main source is protein followed by carbs and then fat. I know I could improve it as well as get more sleep but I still feel it's more then that.

    Maye I need to take up yoga or something. My body is so stiff and tight. I don't know, suggestions?

  2. Welcome to old(er) age my friend! What you're describing with your body soreness sounds normal to me. I was a competitive powerlifter for years in my 20's and I now pay for it. I wake up every morning with aches, pains, and stiffness which seems to be over my entire body. Recovery abilities aren't what they used to be, and I feel tired throughout the day. Advil is a regular "dietary supplement" for me these days. Try doing static and dynamic stretching on a regular basis, it may help somewhat. But the only way to know for sure if you have low T is to get your bloodwork done.

  3. Thanks for the reply. What should I ask if and when I see a doctor? Anything else I should get tested? Maybe a full physical would be in order.

  4. Yeah, just go to your doc for a full physical and explain your situation. At your age, I'm pretty sure he'll suggest gettting bloodwork done.

  5. This worked for me and I beleive it will for you too. (unless you have some unknown, underlying disease process):

    Walk briskly 2 - 5 miles every day.

  6. You should definately see a doctor to rule out any physical problems.
    What type of a routine do you do. You sound like you could also have symptoms of overtraining.

  7. Your options in no particular order:

    - TRT
    -TRT and Prohormones
    -19 year old college sorority girl.

    You can pick two without needing a PCT if you choose correctly!!

  8. Make sure that you ask your doctor to include a hormone panel and esterodial sensitive test in your blood work. They will not do it unless you specifically ask them to.


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