Increased memory with current stack?

  1. Increased memory with current stack?

    I was wondering if anyone noticed an increase in memory while taking certain supps. Primarily name recognition has been the biggest change I've noticed. I've always been terrible with names and lately I've been able to recall names of people I haven't had contact with in over 10 years. The current stack I'm running is TestoPro/Erase/OEP and Adamantium. Week 3 of an 8 week cycle. Other staples include Protein, Fish Oil, ZMA, Creatine, Vit-C and Glucosamine. Could just be a subconscious tap into brain cells I thought were destroyed in the 80's! Who knows? An increase in memory over 40 is like an increase in Test.......feels great!

  2. hmm... ill have to pay attention to this.. I am TERRIBLE with names.. like 5 minutes later I wont know your name... no joke. I am taking testopro,stoked,glycobol,hghpr o, Protein, Fish oil, multi, creatine

    I wonder...
    Log of EPIC by FRL -

  3. Yeah, same here! 5 minutes and I'm..... damn!! what was that guys name? Don't know of it's my current stack, diet and training or just a coincidence, but I can't believe how on point my memory has been lately. Also should point out the fact that strength, focus, aggression and libido have all increased as well.

  4. I would love to know which item is helping with this I've had this problem all of my life. I not only forget a name 5 minutes later, but there are times when I've worked with somone for 4 or 5 years so I know their name well, but if I switch jobs and don't see them for a couple of years, I forget their name too.

    I can also memorize facts and events and ace a test, but if I take the same test 30 days later, I don't remember any of it.

  5. I noticed a considerable cognitive increase while taking X-Factor Advanced (arachidonic acid). No one else reported this side effect so it could be unique to me.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by sapentia View Post
    I noticed a considerable cognitive increase while taking X-Factor Advanced (arachidonic acid). No one else reported this side effect so it could be unique to me.
    Interesting.I might have to give this stuff a try.Always looking for something to enhance my cognitive performance.

  7. Great post Cadzilla! I get a definite cognitive boost with the following supps:

    Creatine monohydrate/Creatine nitrate
    citrulline malate
    rhodiola rosea
    small daily doses of piracetam (recommended dose gives me headaches)

  8. I noticed my grades pick up when I use creatine and study seems easier.

  9. I had some phosphatidylserine that I got for my son to help him focus and of course he never took it and because I am cheap and didn't want to throw it out I decided to try it and I did notice better concentration but I never did have a problem with memory....sooo...what was this post abou again?


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