Cholesterol 2011

  1. Cholesterol 2011

    It is important to keep off statin drugs so we need an updated thread on this. Credit goes to Chris Kresser, aka The Healthy Skeptic, for the following. These are my notes taken during a recent interview by Jimmy Moore.

    Myth #1: "Eating high cholesterol leads to high blood cholesterol levels."
    False for 7/10 people, because the liver tightly regulates levels, making more or less, and cholesterol eaten is not always passed into blood. For the 3/10 whose blood cholesterol does go up with saturated fat intake, it raises the large buoyant type of LDL, which is benign. Small dense LDL is the fraction that gives LDL its bad name (bc they're more likely to oxidize), large buoyant LDL particles just bop along through blood stream without causing harm.

    Myth #2: "High blood cholesterol levels leads to heart disease."
    If this were true, then the prediction would prevail amongst all peoples, over all ages, both sexes, etc. But it's not true for populations such as women, the French, aboriginals, etc. Men over 65 have 10x higher rate of cardiovascular disease (CVD) than men under 45, yet low cholesterol is a greater risk for CVD in men over 65. It makes no sense to say high cholesterol is a risk at 45, then the opposite if over 65. Women on average have higher cholesterol levels, but 300% less CVD.

    Cholesterol is the spackle that repairs damage, it's a precursor to sex hormones, and it's used in brain for synapse formation [in other words: it's very important stuff to have around!].

    Eating less saturated fat and more refined carbohydrates does three bad things: (1) it reduces HDL - the good cholesterol, (2) it increases triglycerides, and (3) it increases small dense LDL. Replacing refined carbs with sat fat does the opposite on all three fronts.

    END OF NOTES, see The Healthy Skeptic blog for refs and more info, or Chris Masterjohn's blog called The Daily Lipid.

    I've read before about cholesterol being the spackle (or more like the deliverer of spackle) that repairs damage done to blood vessel lining (I think on Dr. Eades' blog). It was explained that, years ago, the white coats kept finding cholesterol at blood vessel legion sites, so it was concluded that the cholesterol must be causing the legions, but now we know that it is in response to the legions. However, this knowledge came after the standard of physician care had adopted a cholesterol-lowering approach and a multi-BILLION dollar statin drug industry had blossomed.

    Lots of books (see The Cholesterol Con) and web pages out there, just google "real cholesterol story" and see for yourself.

    If you go in for a lipid blood test, get the VAP panel that gives the breakdown of LDL into Pattern A (large buoyant) and Pattern B (small dense).

  2. This thread is a huge interest to me. I'm 32 I have genetically high cholesterol and for 3 yrs I've tried every natural thing under the sun. Diet exercise dropping 30 lbs increasing my cardio niasin fish oil I went from barely running a mile to 5ks the only thing to ever lower my cholesterol was 5 mg of lipitor every night. I hate it without my total chol. Is about 215 hdl 38 to 40 I go on lipitor and total drops to about 113 hdl stays about 40 I get off lipitor and within 3 months the number is right back up. You have no idea the lvl of frustration Deployed blogging

  3. I am sorry to hear about your condition, Outside Backer. I recommend checking out the blogs mentioned - perhaps Dr. Michael Eades has the most info on statins.

  4. I've been on statins for 3 years ..... I too am interested to see if I can get off this stuff ....

  5. Glad to see this posted. I've known this for years, but I still see threads where people obviously believe high cholesterol can be lowered by diet or supplements (red yeast rice, policosinol, B3 etc.etc.)

    My cholesterol runs from 260 to 320. I had a very bad reaction to statins so I refuse to use them.
    I would consider cholesterol levels under 220 as healthy.

    My personal belief is that high cholesterol results from your liver has an inability to use what it produces or you have a hormone deficiency and the liver is trying to produce the raw materials needed (cholesterol) to make those hormones. Once again, diet and or supplements are not going to do anything to change that.

    So, when can we start living as if this is the truth and see an end to the RIDICULOUS advice to change your diet or try X supplement???

  6. It's of great interest to me too. I've been thru the mill like Outside describes. Simcor and Crestor made me so sick I couldn't function. Doc wants to try lipitor next. Right now my lipids are in a flux so I want to see what they settle down to before I try lipitor. The reason mine are in a flux right now is that I had a quadruple bypass in Jan. my total lipids were only 210 but my HDL was only 25. right now it's 41 but my doc wants to do better.

    Outside, how is lipitor treating you?

  7. I'm 61 years old and my cholesterol has been over 300 for over 30 years. I recently completed a full stress test and everything is fine. My entire family has very high cholesterol values and we have no history of cardiovascular desease. I have a great uncle who is 93 and his cholesterol is well over 400 and he is in exellent health for his age. He recently returned from a trip to Thailand. You might want to read the book "The Cholesterol Myth". I tells how the origional Framingham study minipulated by Big Pharm in order to sell the most profitable every made "stains".

  8. I too have high cholesterol and was on statins (crestor and lipitor at various times). My new doc (he's chief of staff at a big hospital in So Cal) had me get a scan of my heart (cost about $100). It showed two very small blockages. He has me taking Niacin 500mg 1-2x day. He feels the cholesterol #'s are not very relevant and the big drug companies have pushed statins to make more money. He's a big believer in Niacin and baby aspirin --cheap and effective.

  9. Niacin will affect you liver values, as I'm sure you know. Policosanol works if you get the kind made from sugar cane, if you’re really concerned about cholesterol levels. Your Dr. should also be monitoring C-reactive protein and homocyctein levels. Both are markers for inflammation. Chronic inflammation is the primary cause of cardiovascular disease along with many other ailments, not cholesterol. In fact the latest research has found that persons with high cholesterol values live longer healthier lives than those with low values. Remember, cholesterol is the mother hormone from which all others are made. Cholesterol is natural, statins are not.


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