No isnurance coverage

  1. No isnurance coverage

    Ok I officially HATE the fda and pharm companies. I've been taking testim 1% two tubes a day for three years. MY employer recently swicthed prescription coverage plans basically new provider. Well the new provider does not voer any type of testosterone therapy replacement. I am out of testim now and I can't afford the 700 bucks a month out of pocket. I called Dr to see if they had samples and due to new FDA regs they no longer carry samples. I am currently working on new prescription coverage for me but it may take a week or two. Anyone know how much my T levels will drop? Is there any Test booster supps I could take in the meantime? Taking any and all suggestions.

  2. roughly they'll drop to 0. If you can convince your doctor to move you to injections, a 10ml bottle of 200mg/ml cypionate is only $70 without insurance, which is a 20 week supply at 100mg/wk.

  3. This exactly ^^ Or just buy how most of us buy. Through clinics or UGL.

  4. Well I posted too soon but thanks a LOT for your quick replys. After I posted my mom called and got an earfull of my venting about insurance coverages, pharms, ect. She then told me she was going to pay for one box which would be a two week supply. 42 years old with kids and having to have help from mon sucks though. We were great on our own until I got cancer last year, which kept me out of work for almost 9months. She has been a huge help in the last year financial wise. Still trying to dig ourselves out of the credit hole. Its amazing how if your credit rating is crap and and you don't pay on stuff you can gets loads of help, yet in my case I have great credit and pay everything on time but I can't get any help or relief of credit date incurred due to cancer.

  5. In certian cases. major pharmacutical companies will supply drugs free of charge to people that have hardship cases. They work through your doctor. Call them direct and they will tell you how to do it. They have to do so many by year by law. Just like hospitals that must intake patients for free. Its federaly subsidized

  6. Sorry to hear about your cancer.

  7. Yes they did give me a form to fill out and fax. I called and though I could get them free it can take up to 6-8 weeks. So Just trying to get by until then. Hopefully it will be sooner. Yeh cancer sucks, lost over thirty pounds last year. I've put the weight back on have been back in the gym pounding out the weights for the last few months. They say I am still stage four and we continue to due maintenance chemo. Honostly I feel great lately. Starting to wonder if I really do have cancer.

  8. Also try Costco pharmacy if you have one near you. You don't have to have a Costco membership to go inside and use the pharmacy and they usually charge $51 or $57 (it varies) for cypionate. Only drawback is that is often on backorder.

    I have BCBS and they wont cover injections.


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