What to ask my doctor

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    What to ask my doctor

    In my 20's I messed up my elbow in a car accident and went through physical therapy. Not a big deal. my back was really the worst part. Anyway, a few years later I did a cycle and lifted way too much weight and couldn't use my arm to lift anymore. Now it's over ten years later and I'm starting to get pain again. I was sick recently and went to an outpatient center. I brought this up to the doc and she gave me Prednisone and advised to wear an elbow brace. Prednisone is gone and am using the brace. Still having issues. I've been taking fish oil and something called joint support. I think I'm going to see my Primary Doctor. Any idea what I should be asking for? I'm sure he's going to want to start with the something weak and have me come in again for something stronger. I'd rather get something good to start. I was thinking a direct injection of cortisone and a stronger round of predinsone. Other ideas?

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    See an orthopedic doctor not your gp.

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