My Androgel Situation

  1. My Androgel Situation

    New to the forum. I have been bodybuilding for about 10 years and sit at a lean 190lbs 6'0" I was recently prescribed Androgel 5g/day (350mg/week)due to fatigue, libido, ect..

    I was curious as to what some experiences were with the testosterone dose of 350mg/week range. I have read that some testosterone users inject 300-600mg/week for an effective strength and muscle gain and was curious as to what the 350mg transdermal range has done for some users. Are transdermals as ineffective as some say even though the weekly testosterone range is 350mg/week? with 10% absorption

    Note: I have noticed an increase in strength, endurance, and well-being after a week of being on the Androgel.

    My physician says that he can prescribe Androgel but he has to send me to a Urologist (sp) to get the injectable..I would prefer to do that at home if I can go that route. How has anyone else went about getting the testosterone delivery switched from transdermal to injectable use at home?

    Finally I am prone to hair loss which is another reason my research has led me to want injectable rather than transdermal due to dht conversion... Does it matter whether you use a transdermal application or an injectable to help preserve the hair you have?

    Sorry about so many questions, but a doctors time is limited and expensive with co-pays, time off work, ect.. so I thought I would just lay it all out there. Thank you for all you guys help in advance. Fell free to pm me as well

  2. I've gone back and forth using Testim which is better than Androgel and 200mg test cyp a week. The injections are easier since its once a week, but the daily gel keeps me more in balance. No highs and lows which my girlfriend and I both notice.

    Just weigh convenience versus performance.

  3. UPDATE:

    Just went to the Dr. today. Told him that I did not want the gel anymore as I have started to notice a little more shedding of the hair then usual. I said that I did not want the gel since I could accidently expose it to a child or my wife. After I offered to be placed on an injectable they were hesitant and said that it would be too high of a dose. So they prescribed the patch! Probably even worse since it is outdated and I work out very frequently and have heard it falls off and can be annoying. I even told them I would not mind going to a Urologist from a referral. This is becoming a pain.

    I am for the injectables since I wont risk getting the gel on a loved one and the DHT will not knock as much hair out. This is becoming frustrating, any suggestions?

  4. update my test, total came back 422 on a 270-1070 scale

  5. When I was doing Test cypionate (using Testim now), my urologist had me doing 100mg every five days, FYI.

  6. Acer00,
    I was on testim and had good results but my insurance decided that they didn't want to pay for this year so I have been on Androgel sence then. My well being is about the best that it has been for some time. I went to my primary the other day and asked about seing a Endocrinologist for another opinion. This is something that you might consider. I also would like to look into some injections but I have to wait and see what the endo has to say.
    I have not noticed any hair loss and workouts are better then before but I am also using Assualt (green apple) and just love the results and the taste. my 2 cents


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