Looking for book recommendations

  1. Looking for book recommendations

    I'm 47 and in decent shape - work out regularly. I'm wondering if anyone out there has any recommendations for literature (bodybuilding/weightlifting books) that include routines, supps, nutrition, etc.? What's your personal favorite?

    Yes, I've USFSE - would like to hear what you guys recommend.

  2. I have only read one book and that was when I first dabbled into powerlifting. The bok was Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey. Its rather basic but it does talk a little about nutrition and supplementation. This post probably isnt to helpful for ya but your question remained unanswered since yesterday so I felt like you should get some type of input. What are your goals? Im sure if you post exactly what your trying to achieve, people may have some input. Best of luck DS!

  3. I've read many books over the years and two that really stick out are Poliquin Principles and Brawn. I think I liked them because they were unconventional in their approach to weightlifting as most know, or think they know. Interesting reads for sure. Heck, I don't even know if they're still in print.

  4. Honestly books would be great if there were any "right answers" to the questions about diet and nutrition and workout structure. But there aren't. Synopsis of what is really known about diet and nutrition + workout structure

    • Somewhere over .5g protein per pound of mass is required for maintenance
    • Refined sugars in excess are bad
    • There is no significant body composition difference anywhere from 2-8 meals a day, but you personally may see psychological benefits at a particular number of meals
    • low reps for max effort give more strength gains than high reps for max effort
    • Saturated fats are necessary for hormone production

    Outside of that there isn't a whole lot you can count on, its all just people's beliefs and there are so many contrary beliefs that spending money to read them isn't worthwhile

  5. Thanks for the input guys, and EasyEJL, your point is well-taken. I read mostly for inspiration and ideas to keep my workouts from getting stale. When I was a teenager I had Arnold's Encyclopedia - great book and very inspirational. I'm 47 now and more concerned with general health and nutrition as well as building and maintaining muscle. I have Brawn - good book. I may check out Poliquin's principles. I'll do an Amazon search on my kindle. Thanks!

  6. Yeah, I'm much like you and only read for inspiration and for the heck of it. I love to read. I actually like to read about different theories and approaches to weightlifting/powerlifting. If you want a very inspirational book, it was one written by a world class powerlifter called, To Become World Class. It was/is probably one of the best books I've read to date. I think it's been out of print for many years though. I've been trying to get another copy because I left one back home somewhere in my mom's garage.


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