Trying to get life ba

  1. Trying to get life ba

    Im a 49 male 280 lbs trying to get my fitness and life back thank god for good docs.

    went down to a maintenance plan for wieghts and walking steep inclne 15 percent 15 miles a week.

    T unregulated was 209 free one week ago at recent doc visit.

    prescribed 1ml 200 mgc Watson

    Cholesterol got down from 276 to 175 in two months.

    My supplements

    1000mgs PCAR
    1000mgs LcarnL-tartrate
    1 gr DAA
    2 gr AAkg
    4 gr CLA
    1 gr Pharm Gr Lovaza Fish Oil
    1000 mgc Niaspan Pharm
    1 Gr subultimine
    50 MG DHEA
    50 mg 7-KAlso eto

    1 gr BCAA

    1tbls Synergetic Greens

    Reduce calories to 1200

    Also using a mrp with isolated and casien whey

    Any suggestions on the Stack or the dose of T
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  2. Heard allot of talks about DAA but never tried it
    Whats your experience?
    Can you tell any difference?

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