Hello from Brazil everyone!

I have been reading a lot of things concerning male infertility due to the abuse of AAS in a lot of threads in different foruns of discussion, I read also a lot of good information from PUBMED and other reliable sources.

It turns out that here in my country doctors dont have a clue how to treat infertility from AAS abuse and I really need some help. Ive been cycling steroids for almost 10 years now (Im 35) and always doing a basic PCT protocol, getting BW done properly to make sure things got back to normal.

Problem is that my intervals from one cycle to another started to get shorter and shorter and right now Im in a kind of a TRT for the last 14 months.. and me and my girlfriend decided to have a baby asap..

My test regimen consists of 300mg of testosterone (sustanon) each week with some intervals of two weeks without any steroid with some HCG (1500UI mon/wed/fri) + clomid (100mg/Day)+tamox (40mg/Day). These intervals were taken each 10 weeks...right after this two weeks PCT I restarted to take 300mg of sustanon/week.

I was thinking if would be possible to lower the testo amount to 100mg/week and try to add some HCG plus some HMG to become fertile again. My last sperm exam was pretty messed up comparing with the one I had one year ago.


TOTAL SPERM CONCENTRATION: 0,2 million (4,70 one year ago)
NORMAL SPERM MORPHOLOGY: Unable to determine because of the low number of sperms
(63% before)
LH: 0,7
FSH: 0,3

My other exams (liver function, kidney function, prostate issues, blood lipids, etc.) are 100% and Ive doing them each 12 weeks.

Since my main reason is to become a Daddy, is there a way to keep my TRT for 100mg a week and take some HCG (1000UI mon/wed/fri)+HMG (75UI mon/fri) for a certain period of time aiming for a pregnancy? Should I also add some tamox (20mgED) or some type of AI?

Thanks so much for the help and sorry for my poor english!