Blood Work...43 Yrs.

  1. Blood Work...43 Yrs.

    Well...since my old log on name (Cuffs) will not work...I can log on, just can not post, or read posts. Everything shows locked. Been trying to get it fixed, but to no avail. If there's a MOD who is reading this, can you please look into getting my old name restored?

    I wanted to start a thread on a health related issue that I've been having and get some thoughts and will share results as I get them. I'm 43 years old longer the spring chicken I once was. But hey, I'm still pulling in the 25 year old and younger chicks. One day I'll share my secret with some of my bro's here. And's not candy! LMAO!

    Anyways...I had gone on a very strict diet a while back, last Spring/Summer, but I think it messed me up. I had great results and looked the best I ever have. After the diet/cut, I had been feeling tired and have had a low sex drive (very unusual for me). Then began gaining some unwanted pounds, even while keeping the cardio going. Plus, there has been an issue with my left testicle having some slight pain when I ejaculate. This began about 2-months ago. So, I went in today and had blood drawn and am awaiting the results, which will take about two weeks.

    My thoughts are metobolism was messed up, not sure about thyroid, and test levels most likely down. I have a good doc and he's all for HRT and even offered to prescribe me HGH a while back. But, insurance wouldn't cover at the time and I didn't have $700.00 plus dollars to spend on it each month. Need to see what this insurance I now have will cover.

    This is what's going on. Comments and advice are always welcome.

  2. Ok...AM Admin fixed my old profile and I'm able to post once again. Thanks Admin! So, I'll start posting on this with this profile from now on.

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