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    Hi everyone!!!...It is good to be on this awesome board....Last time I was working out to be really fit I suffered an accident were 275 pounds fell on my chest, cracking 4 ribs... Really scare the Jesus out of me so I stopped all together and between work and Graduate school I gained 30lbs since 2005...6 years has past and I came back to bodybuilding because of another accident...5 herniated discs...3 lumbar and 2 It was time to take care of me!!
    I did walking, swimming, spinning and a good diet (around 21 to 2300cals...but I was struggling with low stamina and desire to workout...So I got my hands on EST Propadrol EP, and Black Powder and got back in the gym to hit the weights..

    This is my log...

    Stats @ beginning of December:
    Age 35
    Height: 5'11
    Weight : 225lb
    Biceps: 16 1/2"
    tights : 23"
    Calves : 15 1/2"

    Stats @ the beginning of the cycle: 2/11/11

    Age 36 (January)
    Height: 5'11
    Weight : 210 lbs
    Biceps: 16 1/2"
    tights : 23 1/2"
    Calves : 15 1/2"

    Stats @ the end of the cycle: 3/11/11

    Age 36
    Height: 5'11
    Weight : 198 lbs
    Biceps: 17 1/2"
    tights : 26"
    Calves : 16 1/2"

    I had no noticeable sides except at 8 capsules a day.

    First week : I did Prop at 4 caps a day and 1 scoop of BP 45min before working out...I started light with the weights and routine was 2 days Chest-Triceps, 2 days Shoulder-back-biceps, 2 days 3 miles on treadmill-legs and abs EOD...Strength improved by the end of the week, to give an example, on bench press I jumped from 135lbX3 sets of 10reps to 185lbs x2 sets x 8reps...
    Second week: I did Prop at 4 caps a day and 1 scoop of BP 45min before working out…Workouts were explosive and intense…feeling like a million dollars…little muscle pains, awesome recovery and strength was good…Went from 185 (8 reps) to 205 8reps…Muscles felt tight and pumped even way after my workout…
    Third week: I did Prop at 6 caps a day and 1 scoop of BP 45min before working out and 1 after… Strength was amazing…went from 205lbs to 225x2sets (8reps)…I felt the muscles growing under my shirt and the fat melting away…I didn’t felt this way for a long time!!...Had to increase my protein intake to 2g x pound and carbs to 300g a day and 80 to 88 oz of water intake.

    By the end of week 3 and start of week 4 , I did increased to 8 pills a day for 3 days…Won’t recommended…little pressure on my Liver…No other sides...

    Week 4: I dropped down to 4 pills a day and no Black powder…I did add a Liver Detox just to be on the safe side… It is not methylated but I know what I felt, once I dropped to 4 a day I was ok 2 days after..I have to say that this last week was a struggle…Shoulders were hurting and back was hurting even more…my stamina went downhill this week… I think it was more the fact that I wasn't using Black Powder anymore... I managed to finish the week with a great workout and the picture I’m posting are from each week.
    I wanted to share this with you guys since we look for references and past experiences…Use mine and make the tweaks you want to that works for you.

    During all the cycle I used L-Carnitine at 3g, Chromium Picolinate 400mcg a day, Amino 23000, Saw Palmento 2g, Multivitamings and 3g of vitamin C…
    I hope this helps…

    Be safe people…
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  2. Good results! Keep it up.

  3. Thanks!!!....I will be doing 1700cal to 2000 a day for 7 days and keep all the supplements from the cycle...and add Benefiber since i'm eating more meat than veggies...I'm getting ready for my next cycle...Purus Labs Halovar and Axis Labs Furazadrol in April...

  4. Very good result.

  5. keep it up, getting good results. Losing fat and gaining muscle, what we all dream about at night...

  6. Helluva transformation off a PH.. congrats on the new body bro!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates
  7. Thank you!!!

    Thank you guys!!!...This means a lot to me...I'm so focus on getting healthy that your feedback is like a splash of fresh water...thank you...Today I started a 4 weeks cycle of Furazadrol and Oxygundo...I will be doing a Review by week to keep it short and sweet ...Be on the look out on Saturday since I will post it between Saturday or Sunday...Usually on Saturday I'm watching MMA...Thanks again guys...Be safe People!!

  8. I forgot to put legs pics...they are really important...they are our base...
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  9. Nice work, was doing some research on EST Propadrol and came across this thread. Results look pretty good, nice log!

  10. Awesome bro. I can relate a little to you. I stopped lifting after shoulder surgery from a lingering baseball injury. Your transformation is good stuff. First time ph user. My diet and lifting are all in check just feel like im not progressing. Looking to replicate ur cycle. But ima add in some cycle support. Can i pm you bout your cycle?

  11. what was your pct. ive heard it needs just OTC products and other say serm.

    IT also says 2 a day maximum - why then 4?


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