Phera Affair

  1. Phera Affair

    I just started a cycle of PHERA Plex for 4 weeks bridged with Epistane for 3 weeks.
    I am using ORGAN SHIELD by PURUS LABS, and PCT Will be ERASE, VITEX, (as needed) DAA, ZMA, and PRIME. I will also have Inhibit E on hand as well. I am going to be 36 on the 19th of march. I feel good now, and love being on this stuff. Training is going well. I am eating well, but not a huge amount of calories. I will most likely increase them, and just increase cardio too. I dont want to be fat you know. I have a contest next april. I only cycle on because of bodybuilding. I would not if I didnt compete. I welcome any ideas, comments, or suggestions.

  2. I lost 2 1/2 inches in my waist, and gaines 7 pounds. On to PCT now.

  3. its funny, peoples response to phera varies so tremendously. I know people who call it "side effects in a bottle" and others that have good lean gain and fat loss experience with it.

  4. i took the vitex during cycle, and EPISTANE which in my opinion kept the sides at bay while giving me strength, size, and helped with fat loss. I also love training while on because It doesnt hurt. No tedinitis, or other joint pain while training.

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