First contest cut

  1. First contest cut

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I have been cutting 9 weeks now. Started at 184 lbs and 16% bf. Now at 167 and maybe 8-9? I am 6 weeks out from my first show. What do you think? All feed back is appreciated. I know the posing is lacking and the legs are coming along. Starting to get decent seperation in quads and hams and calves are decent.Name:  pic1.jpg
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  2. Not a competition guy, so I cant guide you, but you are looking good brother, congrats!
    Just inject.

  3. Looking good bro! So you started 15 weeks out? Using any assistance like Clen/Cytomel?

  4. Your coming along great. Wait untill you get veins across your abs..
    Primordial Performance
    ( at heart )

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