Marathon - light and lean

  1. Marathon - light and lean

    At age 28, 5' 8", 150 lbs. I ran a fast marathon.

    I stopped running, got an office job, and went up
    to 175 lbs. and stayed there until age 36.

    At 36, in 2000, I ballooned up to 234 lbs. and stayed there
    for just over ten years. Fat! Even while fat I've always
    been active and healthy.

    My Goal:
    In December 2012 I want to be light, lean, fit, fast, and
    run another marathon.

    My Plan:
    Starting this past July I began a clean, controlled diet. So far I've
    lost 60 lbs. and I am now down to 175 lbs. I will hit my target weight
    of 150 lbs. in July 2011. It will be one year to drop from 234 lbs. to
    150 lbs.

    Once back at 150 lbs I'll be much lighter but probably flabby and soft.

    In July, when I am at 150 lbs I am going to begin a slow
    and steady 18-month build-up training regiment to prepare
    for my marathon.

    My Question:
    In July at 150 lbs. as I begin my serious distance running what is
    a supplement that will help get my body composition to be more

    I'd like to get lean and light and stay that way for the whole
    18-months while I train. Extra weight is extra injuries in distance

    Being light and lean in the beginning of the my hard training cycle
    I will just run increasingly hard workouts and maintain my weight up
    until the race in Dec 2012.

    I'm not interested in help with performance at the time of the race,
    what I want is to get leaned up 18-months before the race.

    So what is there that helps change body composition and lean
    up my newly 150 lbs. light and flabby body?

  2. I went through similar job/weight issues in my thirties. Have your T levels checked. I found that dieting and weight loss killed my T levels. You may be OK, but its great place to start.

  3. What do you think Depo-Testosterone 200mg/ml injectable
    would do for someone who just lost 90 lbs. through diet
    and running as the main form of training?

  4. Hmm, anyone here thinking about or trying to cut fat and get leaner as a priority versus some other thing?

  5. Well, see post #1, I did it. I predicted July 11, so I'm a little late. I'm not as flabby and soft as I thought after
    getting off my ass and dropping 84 pounds of lard. I feel pretty fit.

    I had my Test checked and it is 320ng/dl.

    I have this 200 mg/ml Depo-Testosterone, cypionate, and I want to do my first cycle.
    Nobody responded when I first posted, but the time has come and I'd like to get
    some knowledge and information and do this.

    I have six doses, but nothing to inject them with. So:

    With what and where do I inject. Assuming there will be six doses, how
    do I spread them out, or any other issues to consider.

    Must I take anything else to work with this cycle?

    What should I expect, or most likely will happen? Anyone?



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