need some input on labs

  1. need some input on labs

    Just decided to go get a set of labs done out of my own pocket....i just ran the privmedlabs female hormone panel as described elsewhere in this forum

    wbc 4.4 4.0-10.5
    RBC 4.42 4.1-5.6
    Hemoglobin 14.3 12.5-17
    hematocrtit 40.8 36-50
    mcv 92 80-98
    mch 32.4 27-34
    mchc 35 32-36
    rdw 13 11.7-15
    platelets 159 140-415
    neutrophils 46 40-74
    lymphs 33 14-46
    monocytes 8 4-13
    basos 1 0-3
    neutrophils (abs) 2 1.8-7.8
    lymphs (abs) 1.5 .7-4.5
    monocytes (abs) .4 .1-1
    EOS abs .5 0-.4
    basos abs 0 0-.2
    immat granul 0 0-1
    immat gran abs 0 0-.1

    glucose 93 65-99
    BUN 17 6-20
    creatinine .94 .76-1.27
    eGFR >59 >59
    BUN/creat 18 8-19
    sodium 143 135-145
    potassium 3.9 3.5-5.2
    chloride 107 97-108
    co2 25 20-32
    calcium 8.9 8.7-10.2
    protein 6.4 6-8.5
    albumin 4.3 3.5-5.5
    globulin 2.1 1.5-4.5
    a/g 2.0 1.1-2.5
    bilirubin .4 0-1.2
    alkaline phosph 92 25-250
    AST 21 0-40
    ALT 27 0-55

    TESTOSTERONE 319 249-836
    LH 3.6 1.7-8.6
    FSH 3.7 1.5-12.4
    Estradiol 18.8 7.6-42.6

    If you can see anything wrong let me know if i can improve it somehow...i am losing faith in my doctor. any guidance, or suggested reading will help.

    If you want background info read on below

    I am 36 years old, 6'2" and weigh about 215 with a 34 inch waist and 46 inch chest. I am physically active, running a few miles a week, biking now as well, and except for breaks for a few weeks i lift weights 3-5 times a week.

    true resting heart rate is 42, its more like 60 during the day when i am not active, blood pressure 110/65, cholesterol 150-160 range, hdl 65+, ldl ~80, trig ~60, TSH 2.12 out of .45-4.5, T4 1.25 out of .82-1.77.

    I have had low sex drive for the past 10+ years, but no problems with erectile dysfunction.

    I do not smoke (i quit 7 years ago), i drink infrequently rarely more than 2 drinks in a day and never more than 4 in a week.

    my family tends towards tall slender males (dad was 155 and 6'3" most of his life, one brother is 6'7" and 165, the other is 6'1" and usually 170), i have not been under 200 since I was 22. compared to my male family members i tend to carry a lot more fat.

    when i was a teen and played sports i never put on muscle, as an adult it took me years to make the physical changes that it took other guys a few months to make. i have never been able to get under 12% body fat without losing a LOT of muscle mass as an adult even when using a trainer and nutritionist.

    Most recently though my sex drive went to near zero, energy levels dropped a lot. years ago i had a total testosterone test of 421. saw my doctor this month, got a sleep study done, another testosterone level of 412. no sleep apnea, but i did discover i had a grade 3 varicocele which has plagued me since I was 15, and i am getting that operated on next week.

    i take source naturals mens life force multi vitamins, 6 grams of fish oil per day, 3 grams of cissus per day, 3 grams of d aspartic acid, 2000 iu of viatmin Ds. i strive for a balanced diet, with green veggies and fruit daily, along with high fiber carbs, good balance of proteins, and use olive oil for cooking.

  2. IMO, your testosterone is low given your age and good health. You should be toward the top, not the bottom. Your low sex drive solidifies this in my mind too.
    In fact, new thinking is raising the levels of acceptable from 500-1100 with 800 being a good target. I would consider going on TRT like one tube of Testim a day. You should increase your sex drive and possibly gain slight body mass with weight lifting and proper diet.

    Get a second opinion. It will either make your doctor look really smart or let you know it was time to move on.....

  3. right now i am under the belief that my insurance will not cover TRT. I am still investigating though. I am wondering at what point the "failure" in the system is. One thing I can say for sure is that since i started DAA i now get morning wood 1 out of 3 days which i have not had since i was about 21.

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