Any Testicular Cancer Survivors here?

  1. Any Testicular Cancer Survivors here?

    Would like to connect with any testicular cancer survivors here. Want to share thoughts on dealing with keeping up T levels with half the production capabilities. Thanks!

  2. Not a survivor but id like to give you props for still being here and getting through this. What have you been looking into so far?
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  3. Working with my endocrinologist to raise my level. On Androgel now, 7.5 grams. Last free test level was 412. Showing good absorption, but want the levels to get back up. Not only did I lose half my production from losing the testicle, but chemotherapy appears to have damaged the remaining production as my levels dropped to below half.
    Androgel will probably work. I'm also on AM to understand more about the occasional supplement cycles to help get my muscle mass back. Lost a lot through chemotherapy. Any suggestions on that are appreciated.

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    Not a survivor but id like to give you props for still being here and getting through this.


    And how old are ya PARA?
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