Need some advice

  1. Need some advice

    Hello guys. Just finishing up an approximate 8 week cycle of Erase+Titanium. Was wondering if I could go right into some other type of product that does not contain similar ingredients as the Erase/Titanium, so that I can keep the momentum going without taking any time off between cycles.

    I am 49 and would like to try the Trifecta stack or similar products for the first time after getting good feedback from forum members earlier. My goals are for size/growth and testosterone enhancement. Thanks for any replies or help.

  2. Yeah ,feel free to go for it, and do the log for it!!

  3. I would give Testabol and AB12 a run. they are fairly inexpensive and working for me at the moment .

  4. Would love to hear about the results
    Keep us posted

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