Use of clomid and nolvedex during cycle

  1. Use of clomid and nolvedex during cycle

    I am getting ready to run my first cycle of Dianabol (Oral) and need some help so I don't screw myself up. I have used a few PH's in the past with slight results and am ready for the real thing. Should I run the Nolva during the cycle and use the Clomid as a PCT? Or should I wait and use both as a PCT? Also I have seen where Provironum is suggested during the cycle. What is this for and do I need it. I am 41 yrs old and have 15 yrs plus weight training. Is Dianabol the best to use for size and strength in my first cycle? Any help or critisism would be appreciated.

    I plan to run the following:
    WK 1 -20mg ED
    WK 2 -30mg ED
    WK 3 -40mg ED
    WK 4 -50mg ED
    WK 5 -40mg ED
    WK 6 -30mg ED
    WK 7 -40mg Nolva 100mg Clomid
    WK 8 -30mg Nolva 50mg Clomid
    WK 9 -20mg Nolva 20mg Clomid

  2. Hey, first let me say that I about your age, so dont take anything I say as some smart ass youngster, but I can tell from you cycle setup and your questions that you are thinking old school.

    These are my opinions, Im sure others will differ, but here goes:

    First off, dont taper/pyramid your cycle, if you want to ramp up the dosage a little each week until you reach the optimal dosage you want and stay at that dose for a few weeks, thats fine.

    Dont taper down the dose either, thats essentially the purpose of pct, you run it hard, come off, get your bodys hormones back up to snuff right away during your pct.

    Dont run nolva on cycle, maybe get something else to run on cycle. an AI, ATD, OXO, Aromasin or Arimidex, do some research into those items.

    Ahh and then theres Proviron, again, old school, people use to use it to combat estrogen sides while on test, since it high affinity for binding to the aromatase enzyme (the stuff that converts androgens to estrogens, aka makes the nasty estrogen sides), again Im sure people will be on both sides of the fence, some will love it and some will say its useless given the cost/benefit ratio and what is known, proven and better ways to accomplish the same desired effects you would get if you take it.

    And finally, I really dont like clomid, I think novla is strong enough, and I'll end with that, since Im sure there might be a few people who will have issue with my opinions, but please do some research on your own into the things I have said, you will ultimately end up with a much better experience.
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  3. RoadBlock...thank you for your help. I will consider the info you suggested. Any other opinions are welcome.

  4. I like to run the Nolva at 10mg a day during cycle.

  5. You run the Nolva the entire cycle ? Just wondering if that effects your gains , I mean just asking is all .

  6. nolva and clomid after cycle only, heard it can effect your gains.

  7. I was in your boat but did run when D I was younger. Get some Test Cyp and run Arimidex during and keep the Nova for later. If you have a lady friend, the Arimidex might be fun for her too!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by dinshahbaz View Post
    nolva and clomid after cycle only, heard it can effect your gains.
    This is what I have always heard.


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