Formestane on Light Pulse Epi?

  1. Formestane on Light Pulse Epi?

    Should Formestane be used during a light pulse cycle of Epistane?

    Cycle looks like this (doses taken M/W/F) ...

    Week 1: 10 / 20 / 30
    Week 2: 40 / 40 / 40

    Week 3: OFF
    Week 4: OFF

    Week 5: 10 / 20 / 30
    Week 6: 40 / 40 / 40

    Week 7 - 10 (PCT with Torem - though I think that's overkill a bit)

    Throughout this cycle - shouldn't I take Formestane on the off days? If so ... at what dosage?

    I'm 49 years old.

    (PS - to be brief - I left out all the liver support, joint support, multi-vitamins, etc in this post - but I'm taking all that)

  2. I wouldn't...'epi drys my joints out by itself. Adding form would make it worse I'm sure. Estrogen shouldn't be much of a concern pulsing epi

  3. I agree. I have done epi and formastane a few times. Both compounds make my joints ache. I could never run them together. My workouts would suffer. Specially, for guys like us, that are in there forties. Epi will give you anti estrogen effects on it's own.

  4. Well I'm adding Form to my "off days" on this pulse. I'm starting to feel some intermittent "burning" in the nipple area. Nothing major - just a slight "awareness" in the evenings and no growths noticed.

    I think "pulsing" Epi is different from a straight cycle - where you constantly have the Epi anti-estro benefits.

    I'm also going to reduce my dosage of Epi down to 20mg taken before workout.

    Benefit for me so far (on the three days I've taken Epi) ... is an ability to do incredibly exhaustive heavy workouts. I experienced that with as little as 10mg.

    So I think I will keep the dosage low for now - this part of my cycle ends next week - so only three more doses.

  5. I don't no why you started a thread. It sounds like you already had your mind made up on what you wanted to do. I have never pulsed epi. But, it usually takes me at least a week or two of running it straight at 30mg everyday, before I start feeling the effects in my workouts. I don't understand you're pulsing method. And I believe the experienced pulsers on here would not either. Why the two week break weeks 3 and 4?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by catty66 View Post
    I don't no why you started a thread.
    Because I didn't know if I should run it - but when my nipples started tingling - pretty much settled the question.

    The pulsing method I used was called "Dr. D's No PCT" pulsing for epistane. Although - I plan to do a PCT, but I picked this method because I wanted to see how my liver would fare and this seems to be the mildest form of cycling Epi for a first time.

    I don't know about you but - 10mgs the first day was all I needed to detect the effect of the chemical. I'm not talking about mass gains - nor significant strength gains just yet. But as far as endurance, focus, and an ability to train intensely and recover almost immediately - I can feel that.

    The recover is phenomenal. It takes, normally, a week for me to fully recover from a leg workout - but with this stuff I can squat all I want and I'm fine the next day. I'm 49 - I didn't realize my recovery had changed that much from my earlier days - when I used to squat and deadlift twice a week.

  7. It sounds like you are worried about gyno. Which is a valid concern for us all on cycle. But, the chances of you getting gyno from pulsing epi is very low. Epi does not aromatize to estrogen. My suggestion to you, is not to run a cycle until you are very comfortable. The more knowledge you have, the more confident you will feel about running a cycle, safely. There is alot of information on here about pulsing. There is alot of guys on here that can help you pulse safely. Good luck.

  8. I noticed Epi after the first few doses! I started using it perfectly when most lifts hit new record lifts hit stagnation points after using DAA ( effects with that was just crazy in short period) So I started gaining a few reps with some extra lbs on most exercises, and measured my arms pumped today, after a chest and tricep workout, up 1/3 of an inch in a week. Might be even more if I had a proper bicep pump too.

    After the first week Im now up 3-4lbs and dryer and less bloated... cut creatine when I started Rpn havoc, and noticed some of the creatine effect dissappearing, but weight still up, guessing it might have been more if I stayed on creatine and NO supps... but saving those for pct.

    wonderful stuff... no real sides anymore, other than fuller than normal nuts... maybe because Im still using DAA and zma... DAA swelled them nuts, thats for sure.

  9. btw. My next cycle, which will no be until september, november, will be a SD(methdrol) pulse, 3 x a week.. 10-20mg for about 3 weeks. No way Im doing a sd full cylce..

    A friend is gonna try that dosing schedule before me, and luckily for him, I have a few boxes of nolva/tamofixen should pct be needed for such a small cycle...


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