Program for fat old man

  1. Program for fat old man

    Hi Guys-

    I'm 45 years old, with a big gut. I haven't exercised in years, except from March-October, I walked around my neighborhood 40 min., 4-5x per week. I really felt much better as I time went by. Now it's dark when I get home from work, so, I haven't walked in 3-4 weeks.

    I am interested in going to the gym. What kind of program would give me the best result for time spent? I figure some free weight training would be good, along with some treadmill walking, 3-4x per week.


    Thanks in advance.

  2. Everybody hates to hear this but diet is pretty much the first thing you should look at. Sounds like it could use some attention if your gut is "big". Any kind of sugar, lots of carbs and / or alcohol will all spike your insulin like crazy and result in that gut no matter how much you walk. There was a reason Arnold called sugar "the white death". First, cut out any sugar, then take a good look at what kind of carbs you're taking in and how much protein you're getting. Then get back to walking a lot and lifting some heavy weights whether at home or in the gym. The hardest thing about being in your condition is probably just sticking to a plan long enough to see some real progress. You gotta want it awfully bad to come back from a "Big Gut" but trust me it can be done with lots of dedication and perserverance.

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