PCT Sustagen 325/ eq

  1. PCT Sustagen 325/ eq

    NOw that I have my friend covered, I need some advice on my pct.
    I am 38, 5'9" and 188 lbs. about 12% bF. I'm gonna run Sustagen 650 wk and eq 400 a wk for 10 weeks.
    I have done cycles in the past and used clomid/nolva for pct. However, I have extreme sides from the clomid. I am looking to run Nolva alone for my pct. Has anyone done this for themselves. I have done research and there are conflicting views and opinions, so I'm not really interested in opinions, unless, of course, they're experience. I just need to know that someone has done it both ways and find out their thoughts on it.
    Thanks for the wisdom.

  2. anyone?

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