Where to apply Androgel question

  1. Where to apply Androgel question

    Hi guys, sorry i also posted this somewhere else, I wanted to post here and accidentially posted there, so i reposted, sorry again,

    I am 40 years old and my doctor started me on 3 packs of androgel a day (5gms packets, 15gms total) due to below normal levels of total test (my # was 235 I believe, but definetly in the low 230's), 2 months ago.

    I was applying the gel to my shoulders, upper arms and legs one time a day (in the morn, a half hour after my shower). My questions:
    1) on the literature it says to only apply to shoulders, arms and abs. I dont apply to abs, instead I apply to legs. my dr said that was OK, what do you guys think?
    2) should I apply the gel 2x a day, instead of 1x a day?
    3) should someone who is using TRT, to keep the outside test from converting to DHT,estrogen and prolactin also take OTC supplements like saw palmetto, indole 3 carbinol, calcium carbonate and/or Triazole and vitex catcus (for prolactin issues), and Nutraplanets stinging nettle extract or Activate to free up the test from the Androgel?

    Thank you everyone for the help and input and insights from there own use of Androgel and/or Testim

  2. I'm not an expert, only been on HRT for 7 months but I'm thinking 15gms is kind of high to start out. I'm feeling pretty good on just 5gms. I've also done clomid during this time to keep the HPA going. My range during this time was 300 to 800, it was about 175 before I started. When it goes down I do clomid. I get myself tested monthly so I know pretty much know where I am.
    I take 2gms of nettle. Since being on HRT my prostate has actually felt a lot better so I only do palmetto when it acts up, too expensive to do all the time.
    I donít think applying to legs hurts. I think the biggest point is not to put it on someplace that is likely to transfer to another person or hairy areas. I understand that it may work better on learner areas so I pretty much stick to chest, shoulders and upper arms. Iíve heard that using isopropyl alcohol helps absorption; I donít know if it does but I donít think it hurts. I apply it early morning.
    If my doc where to prescribe 15 gms I definitely wouldnít turn it down but start slow and stash the rest maybe for a rainy day or a full cycle.

  3. I've been on trt since late 2006. Started with androgel ( poor ) switched to Testim ( proven higher absorption) and have finally switched to one test cypionate injection, 100 mg, every five days ( best so far and easier).

    If you insist on gels, try to spread the doses out if possible. If not, while in the shower, use a body loofa/ sponge to scrub expose fresh skin on shoulders, triceps, inside biceps and lower neck. Apply gel to warm, fresh skin.

    See what a pain in the a$$ that is?!?! I give myself a shot once a week- done with it! Your doctor shouldn't care because you are merely talking about different types of delivery systems for testosterone . It's still the same drug. Trust me, I've been at it since I was 41......

  4. Dino,
    DBin is correct about the application but I'm not sure about the alcohol. For me that could be a little irritating. You could try the hip area where you don't have much hair and any place that you will not possibly come in contact with anyone to pass it to them as the instructions suggest. I was on Testim for 3 last year and was told had low test and low everything. The year insurance said they would not cover Testim so I had to switch to Androgel and just started this week. I haven't noticed any difference yet as test is still pretty good but time will tell. Please post on your results when you can.

    I also have issues with the prostrate and had it before the HRT began. I have found Saw Palmetto & Pygeum Complex at the Vitamin Shoppe for $21 for 120 caps. My flow had increased to where I can go like a young man again and the prostrate has not giving any problems. What about clomid? Dr didnít suggest that I use this and have had no gyno at this point. Your thoughts and input would be appreciated.

    I love this form and thanks for posting gentlemen

  5. clomid is useless while on trt or a cycle for that matter. clomid is used to restart the hpta. that isnt happening as long as the body is receiving exogenous test.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ambulldog View Post
    clomid is useless while on trt or a cycle for that matter. clomid is used to restart the hpta. that isnt happening as long as the body is receiving exogenous test.
    Thanks for the quick response ambulldog!

  7. Straight from androgel . com I had poor results on stomach.

    Apply AndroGel only to areas that will be covered by a short sleeve T-shirt. These areas are your shoulders and upper arms, or stomach area, or shoulders, upper arm and stomach area.
    Do not apply AndroGel to your penis or scrotum.
    Wash your hands with soap and water right after you apply AndroGel.


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