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looking for help,

  1. looking for help,

    i just turned 37, ive been working out for 20+ years and just all of the sudden ive feeling really slugish. im looking for sugestions to help boost my energy levels.anything would be appreciated, i guess i should mention im a 220 lb male, i do a lot of power training i tend to lift 6 days a week. any one know of any good supplements that can boost ones energy levels? im just looking for something that will help elivate my energy level, so to speak.

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  3. maybe you need a week or 2 off

  4. I would reccomend ABB's Speed Stack and Nitro4 >

  5. Really I would not recommend either of the products. If it takes that much caffeine to get you going you need to lower your tolerance. 50mg spread out over 3 hours keeps me going all day after a late nighter.

  6. Dont listen to that 50mg crap. I take in a lot of caffiene throughout the day. I am a sailor, and need it. lol...I would take another day off during the week from training, to rest, and possibly a natural test booster like FREE TEST, and HGH UP by applied neutriceuticals. It may also be you need additional calories. Have you changed your diet much lately? Maybe some adrenal cleanse. Good luck man

  7. Too much caffeine increases cortisol levels.... More rest might be needed.

  8. thanks for the input, anythings appreciated! Ive decided to take a week off and start fresh on sunday. But once again thank you.

  9. Sleep


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