Using AI sorta like HRT

  1. Using AI sorta like HRT

    I'm 34 and have been feeling the effects of aging on my testosterone levels for quite some time. I would like to get my T up a bit and in turn back some of the "mojo", energy, confidence, and recovery ability I feel I've lost over the last few years.

    But I am not ready for HRT or AAS yet. Instead, at the moment I am interested in trying out an AI. The online pharmacy I order other medications from has generic Aromasin and Arimidex at prices I can afford. So I was thinking of giving one a trial run.

    Can anyone tell me about sexual side effects of these drugs?

    I would think they would increase sex drive since they raise T. However, I seem to recall seeing some anecdotal information that indicated in fact the opposite can be the case. I noticed once on a prohormone (Mag10) that my sex drive was somewhat adversely affected while on it.

    Also does anyone have general suggestions on which one to go with? I understand Arimidex is somewhat milder overall but doesn't have an extra anabolic effect that Aromasin can (on top of the anti-estrogen effects). That sounds great but does Aromasin have significantly greater sides? I am talking about when taking at very low doses just to try to get the T - estrogen balance a little more like it was when I was younger.

  2. I use Formastane.

  3. If you are after an AI, no AI felt better to me than 6-bromo. Since they are discontinuing it at NP it is at a beyond ridiculous price....12 bucks.

    I would load up with this deal.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I should probably at least order some of that 6-bromo when it's that cheap. What kind of on-off cycle do you do it with and what kind of sides have you experienced?

    The Formastane and others like maybe Sustain Alpha look good too...

    But generics of Arimidex and Aromasin are really no more expensive. Are they not just as good? I think I've decided I definitely want to try one of them including it in my next online pharmacy order.

    Can anyone tell me about their experiences with either of these drugs used alone, especially what if any kind of sides you experienced?

  5. I've used 6-bromo and Sustain Alpha and they did nothing for me. Many here agree Formestane is the strongest best OTC AI.
    Can't comment with Arimidex etc. Why not stick to OTC.

    There's a couple huge Formestane threads. Use search.

  6. If you are curious about form, you need to talk to "thebigt". He is regarded as the master of all things Formestane. Here is one of his logs (for Primordial Performance's Form LV):


    As you can see from the other posts, every supplement works different for every individual. For me nothing beats 6-bromo. I just ran it for six weeks low dosed (50mg) while cutting and absolutely loved it.

    I have two problems with arimidex and aromasin from the online pharms:

    1) You have to absolutely sure the site/source is good so you aren't getting low quality bunk
    2) The prescription AI's can dry you out very badly and can cause rebounds if you don't run them properly

    Again, just research and run what you feel is best for you. Let me know what you come up with.

  7. While you may experience sexual effects from this method, I do not think AI's have a place as standalone TRT, unless one has a sole high estrogen issue.

    AI's do not directly increase T, they simply lower estrogen resulting in more circulating testosterone. The price for testosterone becomes lower estradiol. If estradiol is driven too low, this may cause impaired cognitive function, insomnia, joint discomfort, immune suppression, and cholestrol nightmares. In fact, from my experience, low E2 feels much worse than low testosterone.

    Now, on the other hand, if you have high E2, say double the normal range, and you are over weight, getting on a standalone AI may be the perfect solution. Dropping the E2 back into range will lower your SHBG tremendously and shoot your T much higher. You will free up T, increase you sex drive, loose water weight, improve you mood, etc...but if your E2 is already within or close to the range, and your T is low, taking an AI will WORSEN things.

    So, my advice, GET A BLOOD TEST. Even without insurance or doctor order's you can get simple hormone panels done for not too much money on your own. If you are planning on taking an AI you need to see your Estradiol beforehand.

    Remember, all these ads, especially for the OTC AI's liek Novedex XT aka, ATD, being "test boosters" thats not true. In actuality, and AI is a "testosterone manipulator" NOT a booster. You are trading estrogen for testosterone. Once again, if you estrogen is normal, and AI is just going to skew the ratio further, resulting in another deficiency.

    Furthermore, OTC ai's such as foremestane, atd, 6oxo, 6bromo, etc...these may all work at lowering estrogen but they all have very short half-lives. Like hours compared to days. Arimidex has a 3 day half-life..where as ATD is more like 4 hrs. Taking a shorter half-life drug, especially an AI, will lead to more unpredictable behavior when it comes to hormones. If you are relying on a TRT method of using an AI, you need one that is consistent and predictable to prevent rebounds. The last thing you want is your estrogen spiking up and down and getting caught in a cycle of nasty side effects. So many people get lost wondering if they're estrogen is too high or too low.

    If you search well, you can find research grade arimidex for cheap and legal.

  8. Listen to monster box. I'd like to throw out triazole as a good AI. I think its the best on the market. But it all depends on the above...

  9. Quote Originally Posted by monsterbox View Post
    So, my advice, GET A BLOOD TEST. Even without insurance or doctor order's you can get simple hormone panels done for not too much money on your own.
    This. Have you had any done to confirm that your test is low? There are other conditions that have similar symptoms to testosterone deficiency.

    IMO you should be looking at something that stimulates LH production: clomiphene or tamoxifen and not an AI unless you have high E2 (again bloodwork).

    I personally wouldnt bother with OTC stuff. IMO the supp industry is deceptive about the efficacy of its products and like you said, price difference is negligible.

  10. Transdermal formastane is the best AI other than aromasin..


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