needed a catchy title. Im on a cycle of x-tren 120 mg and estain 30 mg

Diet is ok could be better shooting for more protein and keeping the carbs down.

support supplements, protein shakes, multi vit, etc....

I have beenon this cycle for about 3 weeks now and am wondering if the gains being made are mostly water weight as i cant see putting on alot of muscle in a short time. week one my weight was at 240 lbs and now after week 3 its up to 256.

there was a week where i had a virus and went off of my diet and ate almost anything but still keeping it low in carbs and fat.

streingth is thru the roof as lifts are ever increasing all lifts are now done with heaveyer weights keeping it in the rep range of 8 to 10 x3.
some of my obwervations are as follows pants still fit loose in the waist shirts a little tighter in the chest and arms too wear a 2x. noticing socks leave the indentation around the ankles poss holding more water not sure. over all i feel alot better and stronger chest arms legs are getting more defined but the sudden weight gain has me wondering if it is mostly water or a combo of muscle and some water due to the two prohormones. just looking for comments and will be continueing my cycle for 4 more weeks then pct.