just got my results back and everything looks great. So im wondering how my testerone test results look for a 52 yoa male. in the gym mon thru fri in the am never working the same body part, i try to mix it up and so far it is working as i have increased in adding muscle. I use testim every day am and am on cycle of x-tren and estain this is my 3rd cycle overall no complaints except for abds but i know i need more work on them also doing the keto diet and seeing results. My question is does these test results look for adding more muscle.

Testosterone, total 446 ng/dl
reference range 250-1100

% free testosterone 2.14 %
reference range 1.5-2.2

Testosterone, Free 95.6 pg/ml
Reference range 35.0 - 155.0

Just wondering if this is a good range for testosterone or should i use a test booster and if so should i do so with the above cycle. thanks......