1. Androgel

    Just wanted to share my experiences with Androgel. I had 3 testosterone tests, before the doc would prescribe it for me. All ranged from a low of 200 ng/dl to 300 ng/dl.

    I am 6'0"
    220 lbs,
    49 yrs.

    I workout regularly with weights, but not on any building program.
    I had become lethargic/depressed over the last couple of years and had put on about 20lbs, thus the reason for Testosterone testing.

    2-1/2 months on 5 grams per day (4 pumps from the bottle), gave me a test level of 829. All I can say is wow, and I feel like I'm 20 again. Hoisting the iron, lost about 10 lbs in the last month, in all the right places. I did a few tricks to get the most out of the androgel, whether they worked or not, I don't know. Started zinc and reservertrol supplements in addition to daily multi-vitamin. Changed my diet up to include many more fruits and veggies and made sure I showered, and really rubbed the area where I put the androgel on, well with my towel right after my shower. Not sure why the t level is so high from just 5 grams per day, maybe cause I've lost 10 lbs, and probably more than that in fat, as I have transformed my weight while I was losing. Libido is through the roof, and my wife is running around the house scared. I am a really mellow guy, so aggression hasn't been an issue. I should've been on this a few years ago, probably about when I was 45, but better late than never. I will keep all apprised if any major issues develop. All I can say is all men should demand Testosterone testing when they reach their 40's, you owe it to yourselves.

  2. Congrats on the success. Consider yourself one of the really lucky ones, Ive read quite a few disappointing stories about bad/less than optimum experiences while using androgel.
    PHF Rep


  3. Quote Originally Posted by RoadBlocK View Post
    Congrats on the success. Consider yourself one of the really lucky ones, Ive read quite a few disappointing stories about bad/less than optimum experiences while using androgel.
    Probably from Bodybuilders who expect 1,000,000 increase in test. Androgel does fine with bringing levels back to normal.

  4. I have been on Androderm (2 patches a day for two years) the results on my quality of life has been great, but like the person above said I did not expect any miracles in the gym from such a small dose.

  5. Currently on the Androderm patch [1 patch / 5mg day] sucks compared to Testim / Androgel. My insurance today will not pay for Testim/Androgel tho...only Androderm.
    It costs me $20 a month.

    I had the same experiences on levels were always over a constant 900~1000. You can actually feel it too. My levels on Androderm [last tested a couple months ago] were around 500.

    Congrats on the Androgel ! It does work great.
    I am working with my insurance co. to get back on the Test. Cyp. shots.
    The shots are the best route to go worries of transferring to g/f ~ wife. [or BOTH! .. p^ ) ]

    Anyway you have to love TRT! I'm in my late 40's and still have a very strong libido.
    Pound nails with the snake and kept my nuts.

  6. I started at only 25 mgs (2.5 gms at %1) this spring and couldn't be happier so far. i would have preferred 50 mgs but my doc is pretty conservative (but very competent). When he hinted maybe we should stop last month because there is, maybe, a slight increase in heart disease my wife said to tell him "Only if he agrees to take me home to live at his house."


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