45 and seeking advice on stacks, test, HGH

  1. 45 and seeking advice on stacks, test, HGH

    My background:
    I am 45 yrs old, sit nearly the whole workday and now weigh 220 lbs. My photo is over a year old (206 lbs after P90X) and I am now heavier/softer/weaker. The only things I have ever previously taken were vitamins, aminos and protein shakes. Like many over 45, my strength, endurance, etc... is really starting to fade.

    My routine:
    Because it packs kick-a** cardio, along with enough strength training to get me in the shape in my photo, I really want to stay with P90X or something like it (instead of traditional gym type exercises such as benching, squats with weights, etc..). At 45, I am not looking to get huge nor do I have any misguided desires to become a monster.

    My Situation:
    During this round of P90X, I now find myself much weaker and more winded ever before. I also am having more and more lousy night's sleep (just like my dad said happened to him). I am sure that I am starting to feel the effects of "father-time".

    My Goals:
    My goals are reasonable (or so I think). I am happy with the "guns" I have (or had in my photo). I just want to drop the "spare-tire" that I've picked up, regain muscle mass and tone, increase my endurance and lose as much of that crappy winded/weak feeling while working out.

    My Research:
    I have looked at some stacks (such as Methyl 1-D / T-911 Stack , Natabolic Stack, etc...). I've looked at some HGH-type products (such as PowerFULL 90 caps by USP Labs). I've looked at TEST products (T-911, TestoPRO, Formadrol Extreme, etc...). And the more I look, the less certain I become.

    So, the advice I am seeking is what do you all think might be good.
    You guys are the experts ..... I want to hear anything and everything you got to say!!

  2. Hogan, a pre workout supp. will help while you are working out but watch when you take it as they ussually contain lots of caffine or sugar or both. I like jacked by USP labs, seems to work well for me and gets me through a workout. As Far as a test, there are several that seem to work well for otc ones, Diesel products are good and Iforce products are good as well. As far as PH type products, they will help you gain strength, but you will gain some water weight and you could lose some or all of it if you do not do a good PCT.They can also be harder on your body. I have tried a bunch of them and found better alternatives on the darker side.

    My suggestion is run your support supplements(multi Vit, fish oil,etc), keep and your protien as you said you were doing before. Start by adding a test booster and see how that goes for you along with a pre workout supplement. I did not have much results from Powerfull, but I do like taking addtional supplements for support like Life Support by AI.

    I have done the P90X as well, but I modified it to meet my needs, utilizing the short interval work and pace into more weight/resistance work, so I get the cardio type benifits and the heavier weights that I am accustomed too.

  3. SAMPSON27,
    Thanks, sounds like solid advice.
    Do you have any specific Diesel or Iforce TEST products?
    Also, regarding you PH comments, what do you mean by "found better alternatives on the darker side"

    I was going to try PowerFULL, but you said that you did not have much results.

    PM me if you prefer

    Thanks again.

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