Anxiety from Andriol?

  1. Anxiety from Andriol?

    Has anyone experienced anxiety from taking Andriol? Inorder to run a decent 8 week cycle I would probably have to use some Xanax with each dosing. I ran it for the first time starting about a month ago with 6 testocaps daily along with 150 mg of Oral Primo daily and put on 12 pounds in 14 days. At the 12th day, I started to get itchy nipples so I went on 10 mg. of Tamoxifen. The 14th day, my wife said it looked like I had a moonface. I immediately quit and ordered some Aromasin. I've kept 7 of the 12 pounds and with the water gone it looks good! I can't believe that just 6 testocaps could produce so much estrogen. I did take them with about 20 grams of healthy fats each dosing. Anyway, I notice I have to take about .25 mg of Xanax with each dosing - So that is .75 mg Xanax a day total. I don't get anxiety from the Oral Primo, so I'm considering just running that by itself. Would .75 mg of Xanax run everyday for 8 weeks be a problem?

  2. imo only. there are people out there that take much more than that on a daily basis but they need to take it based on their own bodies chemistry. you on the other hand would be taking it basd on a problem that you are causing yourself so i say its a bad idea. i would say either run an ai the entire time with the cycle(since high est can cause anxiety in some) or find another compound that doesnt cause anxiety

  3. Yep. Even Anavar causes some mild anxiety for myself at even 5 mg doses. I guess I'm just really sensitive to AAS. I guess Primo would be my only option for now.

  4. have you tried test e or c?

  5. I've tried Test-E in the past without any issues. I was also able to use anavar in the past without any anxiety. I'm reluctant to inject without first taking care of my anxiety because then I'm stuck with it for at least a week or so. I have been experiencing heartburn issues and just started a 14 day cycle of Prevacid to see if I can eliminate the problem. I've seen a link between GI issues and anxiety so that may be the problem as well. I'll have to see if the Prevacid takes care of both issues.

  6. it could be high estro. y dont you try test prop then? if you get bad sides they'll be gone in a day or 2. but also run an ai, i prefer exemestane. i got really bad anxiety when i ran trans dhea. added in an ai and i was ok. that doesnt mean thats your issue but could be. either way i dont think masking your anxiety with xanax to run a cycle is a bad idea. fyi steer clear of tren and eq

  7. Well I did order some Aromasin (exemestane) so maybe I will give the Andriol another shot with the AI. Thanks for the input

  8. I would guess its the T, not high estrogen, are you taking any caffeine? If you are cut it out and it should help, its not worth taking Xanax if you can avoid it.

  9. No caffeine - No stimulants at all. Maybe at 38 I'm hyper sensitive to excess test


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