Coming up on 57 years......

  1. Coming up on 57 years......

    How am I doing?
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  2. I hate to tell you, but your head is missing.

  3. Sorry.....necessary editing and I'm not a photo editor! LOL

  4. Enter the masters division at your local NPC show and find out!

  5. I've never done anything like that. I've always just worked out for job and to stay in shape.

  6. It's not too hard if you can take the hunger. Draw yourself up a diet or get a coach, get a spray tan & posing suit and strut your stuff haha.

    And lets not forget the big trophy that comes with it

  7. You look very good for 57. Legs look good - I never understand why so many ignore them. I guess it's just the hard work that they require. I competed at 21 and really liked it; at 46 I am thinking about doing it again. Two of my friends, also age 46, just went IFBB pro last year. You're never too old, and it is worth the strict dieting.

  8. Seeing people like you makes me laugh when people under 50 think they're getting too old. Good job!

  9. 57 nice bro

  10. Thats a lot of egg whites and protein shakes. LOL Look great man!

  11. Thank you.....I do not visit here often anymore and forgot I had posted this. So now I am coming up on 58. I have tweeked my diet somewhat and contantly change my workouts. I'm down about 10 more pounds since that photo....about 185-190 now. I also do much more core work and I am weight went from 217 two years ago to current weight. I did not lose strength though and am stronger now than when I was in my 30's. I can do dips with 60 lbs added for 15 reps, 60 to 70 pushups no problem, bench seems to stay just under 300 and I deadlifted 315 late last year. However, I have had past injuries resulting in two shoulder surgeries, knee surgery, six fractures and a ruptured right bicep, so I am not trying to set records, just stay strong. Recently I started adding six raw organic eggs a day to my diet. Getting intereting results with that.


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