Hello from Allpros

  1. Hello from Allpros


    I am new to the board, and just wanted to say "hello"

    I am amazed by the number of topics and number of posters. I am excited to be on board.

    Is anyone familiar with Power/Rep Range/Shock training method?

    I am planning to start next week, and need some help determining my workout schedule.


  2. Hello and welcome. I am not familiar with that training method - I'll have to check it out. You will find much help here - hopefully someone can post on your proposed training method. I work out 3 times per week. Chest and back on Monday, legs on Wednesday, and shoulders and arms on Friday. Good luck with it - just be consistent.

  3. Low levels of CNS shock can induce HGH and Test levels to elevate. A basic concept, of course, however it can also induce the opposite, so anyone over 35 should use it sparingly, IMO. Best training for us older guys is progressive, step, load, periodized training such as HST (hypertrophic specific training) google it and try a modified version of that for consistent productive training. 3 full body workouts a week seem to be best. Its all here, search function works great.
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