Minimizing PDE5 sides

  1. Minimizing PDE5 sides

    Hey, just thought this would be a good question to ask the more experienced guys on the forum.

    I sometimes will try a Cialis or a Levitra before and enjoy the exxxxtra hang time it gives me to please my girl. However it is completely inescapable! I get a stuffy nose like sometimes I cannot breathe and then my face is flushed as all get out and I get clamy. How do I get the benefit without the side effects? Someone told me to take baby aspirin before.

    Why do I get these side effects when few people I know complain of this? Is this a red flag for a heart problem?

  2. Plenty of people have the issue. Benadryl + being well hydrated seem to help.

  3. Wait a minute. I thought Benadryls and Claritins lower libido by increasing prolactin. I thought they decreased performance.

  4. For one, you are mixing and matching terms. any change to libido has nothing to do with the action of viagra/levitra, and i've never heard claims of lowering libido from antihistamines. What I have heard is their use in slowing premature ejaculation. And i'm not sure what "decreased performance" means to you. But frankly being rock hard with a headache and congestion doesn't do me much good.

  5. Cialis, like any other prescription medication, offers potential side effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness, vision problems, etc. The sides vary from user to user. I have taken Cialis many times and have never experienced any side effects. That said, you must ask yourself, is the stuffy nose and flushing worth the extra hang time?

  6. I'd try reducing the dose. Interested in the comments about increasing prolactin though? I gotta research now.

  7. I would try reducing your dose. You can do maintenance doses of cialis of like 5mg a day. I use to get some of the sides when I first starting taking viagara/cialis, but as time went on they faded thankfully.


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