tingling feeling (numb)

  1. tingling feeling (numb)

    For the past two days, my left arm, from my elbow to my finger tips has been tingling. Kind of that pins and needles feeling.
    I lifted on Sunday, but did not notice anything until yesterday morning.
    Any ideas on what this could be?
    Today is chest/tris and I am wondering if I should take the day off. (sigh)

  2. u hv shoulder surgery or a shoulder injury on that arm u get the tingling?

  3. Tingling is never good and can be a plethora of different things, circulation, damaged nerves etc etc.

    Should talk to a doctor

  4. it happen often to me as well, especially when i sit for a long time

  5. You taking vitamin B6?

  6. I have it in my right pec. Its parasthesia for me. Scar tissue on the muscle fibers built up and caused atrophy due to a lack of blood flow to the muscle, and impeding the nerve message sent to the muscle. I am working on getting therapy for it. it should heal up from deep tissue, and physical therapy. Good luck

  7. They used the GRASTIN technique. Its working well to really open up the fibers. I get therapy once or twice a week. Look it up


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