New and need advice

  1. New and need advice

    Hello Group

    I am 51, 185 lbs, 6ft - 34 waist, 36 inseam. I need advice on ED, hurting muscles, poor sleep.
    My work as of late has been lifting a lot of 50 to 60 lb boxes, with all this I find I am not getting the increase I would have once seen.
    I also am walking in the outdoors in some fairly extreme elevations and no increase in leg strength or muscles.

    Got a little belly fat that I would like to send packing as well.

    My diet, Eggs and bacon in the morning, 4 days a week, then Oatmeal the others, sugar and butter in the oatmeal.
    Lunch is either chicken/rabbit and vegetables, the same for dinner.
    Add a few pints of ice cream and 2 bags of corn chips and hot sauce a week.
    I raise my own eggs and rabbits and most of my own vegetables.

    I have a problem with ED, which has lead to a problem of no sex, so having sex to increase test is out for the moment.
    I had been on test, doctor prescribed, cream type. But doc was to expensive to continue, so the script went as well.

    Muscle pain, like little tears internally, pin point stuff. Very little muscle growth despite the repetitious lifting of 50 and 60 lb boxes on a daily bases.

    I want the ED to end, the sleep to be of the dreaming type and to have some muscle growth. Poor libido, the ladies still look good, but no real get up and go to chase them anymore.

    Thanks for your advice in advance! or is it time to just

  2. Get the diet in order and that will help with the ED. Read this site alot! Lots of good info on here about your diet and raising test levels. there is a thread about ways to increase test levels, read it. What was the reason for the low test levels?

  3. I was not given a reason other than the diagnosis of testicular hypofunction. I as well was diagnosed hypothyrodism secondery to autoimmune thyroiditis. My free test level was 13.1 (Range: 18-26.5) and Estradiol: 27 pg/ml (Range: 0-53 pg/ml)

  4. You probably need to get back in the doc's office.

    The test cream would have bumped up your total test levels but it would have done nothing to increase your natural output, in fact it may have made it worse since external hormones tend to suppress your natural ones. Once you're on hormone replacement therapy you almost have to stay on...

    You could try the natural methods as suggested. Among them are: no alcohol, healthy balanced diet, get in the gym and lift as much as you are safely able, etc. However it may be a long road; you really should try to get some care from a medical professional that understands hormones (eg endocrinologist).

  5. Nitrox is right. You can't stop TRT. I was on Androgel. After adding up the cost of my prescriptions and doctor visits, I decided to do some homework and treat myself. All the things your feeling are what I was feeling. The first thing I did was found some Testoserone Enanthate. 200mgs eow was ok and I felt alot better. I've since started using alot of other stuff and I feel like I did in my late 20's. I have a similar type of job and I can out work the young guys now without feeling dead at the end of the day. I can't give you a source here on an open forum, but if you do a little digging you'll find what you need. There are a lot of guys in your shoes.



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