The Maxwell S&C Daily Dozen: Mobility Exercises for Health & Well-Being
My good friend Steve Maxwell was nice enough to let me borrow this joint mobility article and feature it in my magazine.

I do a similar joint mobility routine every single morning without fail.

It really is a great way to energize you for the day and to loosen up.

I recommend that you start by doing ten reps of each exercise below and do one exercise after another without any breaks.

The tighter you are the more reps you will need to do.

Steve's joint mobility routine is also very useful to warm up before workouts and loosen up after workouts.

Focus on doing the below routine every morning for ten days and you will look forward to each session. Make sure you pick up "The Boys Are Back In Town Kettlebell Workshop DVD" as well as Steve's section is the most comprehensive instruction that I have ever seen on joint mobility.

You can find it here:
The Maxwell Daily Dozen - Aggressive Strength Training Articles