Dang. I'm bigger than I've ever been.

  1. Dang. I'm bigger than I've ever been.

    And not a "good" big, either. With job-loss worries for the past year, I haven't been paying attention to my shape. Well, I have, I just haven't been caring about it. I've never been in great shape, but I really need to be. What kind of exercise advice can you give an out-of-shape 41 year old male (6 ft., 230 lbs)? I realize I'll have to start out slow, are there any good beginner workout schedules posted on this site? Diet advice is also welcome, of course. Thanks for taking the time to read (and answer)!

  2. I would first concentrate on lowering body fat through your diet and exercise. Excess BF will work against your manhood, especially as you get older. Read about the aromatase enzyme.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MacTech View Post
    Read about the aromatase enzyme.
    I will. Thanks.

  4. When I first started cutin' bodyfat I radically changed my diet. High protien, low carbs, cardio 3 time a week-start easy, your not running a marathon in a month! And I used a supp. call MAN big fish or some ****. I dropped 31 lbs in 3 months. I was also lifting 5 days a week.

    Cutting the carbs and increasing protien will help drop fat, Don't eat much fat! No BK dude! haha. Diet is everything. Diet alone can have a major effect on metabolism. Protien and cut carbs. If your gonna consume carbs, go with long grain broun rice, barly. Stay away from pastas, donuts, that kind of stuff.

    2 chicken breasts, a baked potatoe (no fixins) and a pile of broccoli are very low cal, low carb, and high in protien and other good stuff. Also fruit! I always have an apple, orange, and a bannana every day! Filling, simple sugars, and low cal. Plus full of vitamins.

  5. Be warry of taking any anti-aromataze supplements. Some of them work too good, and hurt your joint's through lack of estrogen.

  6. No "e" in potato. Are you Dan Quayle's little brother?

    Anyhoo. Yes, and sweet potatos are superior, in that they don't convert to sugar as white potatos do.

    I agree about being bigger than ever. I've had younger kids say "you must've been huge when you were my age." I tell'em nope! I've stayed consistent over the years, so I'm about 40lbs bigger now than at 22.

  7. The training is easy for me. Getting the diet right is my problem. Low carb is definitely the way to go though and trying not to eat too close to bed time.

    Try and find some filling low carb foods.

    I get the hungriest at night for some reason so after my protein I like sweet potato and broccoli. Mix it together and squeeze some lemon on it. Sometimes if i'm still hungry i have low-carb jelly.

    I have been doing this for a few months now and it really does work. I crave sweets often at night so as soon as i walk in the door from work i have 3-4g of Glutamine and it seems to reduce these cravings. This tip i got from Dr.Atkins book.

    It may take a while but once you see some results it becomes easier.

    Good luck to you.

  8. 1) Find something you enjoy, you'll put more effort into it.
    2) You're correct to start slow, there's a psycho logic effect in that you're more likely to be motivated if you see continual gains.
    3) Push for 3 days/week and work up to 4-5, maybe even 6
    4) Try not to make excuses not to go, the list can be endless.
    5) If weight loss is your primary goal, make sure you start out with 1 or 2 days of cardio (25-40 min). Find something that works for you.
    Running never worked well for me (too heavy, short, and asthmatic), all that pounding is rough on the knees.
    The stationary bike (with my IPOD) works well for me.
    6) Eat well.

    Basically, start slow, slowly increase the workouts and decrease the fat and carbs until you start dropping weight. It took me 3 yrs to loose 40 lbs; I didn't want to loose it faster.
    But in the end, at 176, I maintained most of my strength (2x body weight on the bench press) so I'm pretty happy.

    So don't do a crash anything. Despite what the media portrays, it's not rocket science. It's really about are motivation, perserverance, and habits.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by kingdong View Post
    Be warry of taking any anti-aromataze supplements. Some of them work too good, and hurt your joint's through lack of estrogen.
    Anastrozole will knock out about 80% of your aromataze enzymes leaving some left over for estrogen conversion.

  10. You have already started on the road by recognizing you are not where you want to be. Sounds like some philosophical bs, but it is true, you know you need to start, this is a great place.
    Similiar to you, I was there about a year ago, out of shape and had been away from the gym. I was about 265 a year ago, I dropped down to about 235-240 and maintained that till this year, and then took another step to drop down more earlier this year. So, I have been there and then some.
    So, what worked for me, may not for you, but I am sure with all the great advice and opinions, you will find what works for you. So, what I did is the following:
    Started off with cardio about 3-4 times per week to get my systems jump started again. I tracked everything so I could make sure I was making progress, whether in speed or distance or whatever to get a base. This motivated me to do more. I added resistance training back in after about 3 weeks, starting off with just compound movements(Bench,pull downs, shrugs, presses,etc) and then added in more isolated movements. I also reduced the cardio after I started devoting more time to the weights. Lets face it, I can not spend 3 hours in the gym, I have too many other responsibilities that the younger crowd does not, about an hour to an hour and half is all that is needed. So, weights are 4-5 days per week, sometimes 6, cardio now for me is limited, but I will add more back in as we get into winter. Bottom line with exercise, do the exercises that you like to start with, take your time and keep in mind what your goal is, if you want more muscle, you need to train one way, just to be leaner, more cardio. But the more muscle you have, the more calories your body burns and more calories it requires.
    I did what everyone else is saying, drop the carbs. Again, i tracked everything to a "t", it worked for me to keep me on track. I even made a spread sheet up to make sure everything was totaled and accounted for. get away from the sugars and white carbs - white bread,white rice, etc. Increase the protien to help maintain the muscle and grow more, your body will steal from the muscle as well as from fat stores, so more protien will help, 1.5 g to 2.0g per lb of weight(thats goal weight). lean protiens goes w/o saying, add in protien drinks a couple per day is good. Reduce fat, 50g per day is a good goal, but you need some fat, omega 3 helps reduce fat around the mid section. track your calories and what you are consuming until you have a good idea of what items contain what for calories,carbs,fat and protien. Also, Eat more often, 5-6 times per day, just smaller quanities. I actually found that I was having a hard time getting enough food in at times once i started looking at the pattern and tracking everything. make sure you do not skip meals, and try to avoid eating too much late at night. Cottage Cheese is an excellent late night snack as the high protien will help and cottage cheese is higher in Casein which is a slow digesting protien which will help at night.
    Supplements: a good quality Multi is critical, you will be depriving your body in some way or form of nutrients unless you can eat perfectly and again, reducing calories, exercising will all throw your body into stress, this will help. I would also get fish oil and Protien powder. thats a good start, if you need more info or further ideas on supps, send me a message and we can chat more specifically.
    This is a general idea and good luck to you. intially the weight will come off faster as you drop water weight first, but if you are dropping 2lbs a week, that is a good place to be.

  11. In my best Cartman voice: Screw you guys, I'm goin to OCB!

    Just kidding. Eating healthy is not bland! Steaks, chicken breast, lean pork, stir fry made at home, and my FAVE- tatertot hotdish!

    I've cut all sweets (except for ice cream) Beware anything store bought that says reduced fat, or low cal. To make the **** taste good theres a ton of salt and MSG in it.

    Kudos man, keep up the good work! You have already made a plan, don't be discouraged with a few plateaus, they happen both gaining and dropping weight.


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