Going to B*tch! My freaking back is pissing me off!!

  1. Going to B*tch! My freaking back is pissing me off!!

    Ok, I had back surgery about 5 years ago for a ruptured disc. Everything went very well and I had NO back pain for years. But back in the spring I got careless in the gym and tweaked it. Hurt in my hips and legs for about 2 months. Went to Dr. and they said no ruptured disc but that I have arthritis in my lower back and it was inflamed. So, I started taking my back out of my workout and it started getting better and got to the point to where is was just fine. Then about 5 weeks I was in the gym and doing shrugs and I felt it......and my dumbass kept going! Well, it was totally different pain....more muscular.....burning and pain actually in my lower back rather than my legs. I stayed out of the gym for almost 2 weeks (which drove me crazy) but anyway, it got better so I have been in the gym and just being very careful...using machines....ok, everything is cool. Then last night I am doing DB curls with 45lbs....no big deal....well I felt that SH*T in my back and now it is burning like hell today.....I am getting sick of this crap. Anyway, I just needed to b*tch a little......If anyone has any suggestions or experience with this.....please throw me a little help.

  2. CORE

    I know just what you are going through, I too have and had problems with my back L4 and L5 In fact the Dr. said I had a back of a 60+ yr old. That didn't make me feel to good about all the dumb things I did when I was younger. One thing the DR. I went to said in my case was if I could over come the pain and wait it out to get better was I needed to get my CORE in much better shape. in most cases this is the what most 30 yr old have problems with because our body's are not what they once were and our minds think we can still do it. One thing we don't think of is, most of us don't do the type of activities we did as kids. we sit at a desk and or come home and sit in front of a TV etc.. The other thing that helped me out big time was water activities to get that CORE in check. IT put less stress on my body, but gave me a VERY good work out.
    Some other things you might want to remember is the back can take a very long time to heal because there is very little blood to the backs spine. I hirt my back in Jan of 09 and my DR. said it could take up to 1 year to heal if went the route of working my CORE then the surgery route. now this may not have been a chose for you but in mine this was the case. So far my back has never felt better knock on wood.
    This is why it's called your CORE. even if your just working on arms with 45lbs DB and you hold them out to the sides or in front of you the lbs can go from 45 to 450lbs force on your back.
    You may aready be aware of this info but I just hate to see someone with back problems.
    I hope this helps you.

  3. Thanks, that did help. I always had a strong core but did some damage back in the day power lifting.....ending up with a ruptured disc. But this last go round is 100% due to the fact that I have let my core go to sh*t. As soon as I can I am going to begin trying to get my core up to par....thanks again

  4. The levels adjacent to a fusion typically have accelerated degeneration. You are at about the right time frame being 5 years out. If I were you, I would have your doc evaluate you for facet arthritis. I would recommend an MR. If you have edema or inflammatory changes around the facets, you could potentially be fixed up quickly with facet steroid/marcaine injections. This will diminish the inflammation of the soft tissues within and around the affected facets. It will NOT reverse the degeneration, however it will diminish the pain/inflammation. Oral steroids are NOT good for this, because the same amount of anti-inflammatory medication gets to your nose... your toes... and your back. Don't take a 'steroid dose pack'. You will get a much higher dose of steroids for much less response where needed. IF this is the problem to begin with...

    You WILL have to ensure proper technique in lifting with much more emphasis on non-ballistic type movements. And stay completely away from deadlifts in any form or fashion. Controlled Roman Chair extensions are usually fine, but I would stay away from weight, even when they become easy.

    Remember, you are no longer 'NORMAL'. You have a fusion which diminishes the flexability and range of motion of your back. Our bodies typically 'forget or don't know' and we continue to try to bend as we always did. This results in MUCH more stress being placed on the adjacent levels, which are usually degenerative in the first place for the same reason the fused one needed fixing. This excessive stress is much more than they were designed for... add that to the initial degenerative changes and it is no wonder they 'break down' faster.

    This is what I take care of... day in and day out.

    I tell my patients "When we are 20 and stupid our bodies are luckily capable of handling the abuse we administer. However as we age, we 'should' become smarter. This is good, because our bodies can no longer handle the abuse in the same 20 year old manner. But that is OK, because we have the brains to compensate." I tell them I don't want the safely pain free laying on a couch. But they have to recognize that they will have to adjust to changes in what, how, and how often they do things.

    "Live your life... but use your head doing it!"

  5. Thanks so much! I think it's time to call the Doctor again.....I tried to get away with just going to my primary physician but I think it is time to go back to the specialist. I hoped that anti-inflammatory drugs would do but it is just not happening. Again, thanks.



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