Latest Blood Work and Endo visit

  1. Latest Blood Work and Endo visit

    So my doctor decided to send me to an Endo. Had that visit today and unfortunately I believe I have an endo that isn't into today's medicine.

    His initial question was: Why are you here? Which I answered with, because my doctor said so.....

    Anyway my Total Test was in the 1300s and my E3 was 2. He said my E was low but nothing to be concerned about. Whereas the Total T was a bit high.

    Now I don't totally disagree that it might be to high, I usually inject on Sundays and this bloodwork was done on Saturday. I have also lost 35 lbs since my doctor bumped up my dosage so I'm suspecting that my needs for Test are changing.

    Anyway I'm more concerned w/ the low E at this point. What can I do to bring it up? Especially now that the endo has dismissed it as a problem, I'm sure my gp will not be to concerned about it. Since my gp has been consulting w/ the endo on it from the beginning.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Wow it's a ghost town out there.

  3. Anyway I'm more concerned w/ the low E at this point. What can I do to bring it up?
    I have not seen this question before... Sorry I don't have answer for you either.

    1300? Crap... Give me some of yours. Mines 350...

  4. are you taking aromasin or arimidex or any AIs ?

  5. Sorry guys, had to go out of town on business and didn't have much time to check out stuff on the web.

    Anyway, no I'm not taking any AIs. And honestly, my sex drive is now in the ****ter. Mentally I want to spend time w/ my wife. But my desire is non existent.

  6. 100mg of DHEA will provide you with some E. Of course you don't want too much of it as well, but sounds like you're in the bottom levels of E.


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