Some help needed

  1. Some help needed

    Hello there
    I'm writting here not because of me but rather because of my mom. She's a 47 years old woman that wants to lose some weight, but her weight excess is mainly water retention on the arms and thigs region with some belly fat. She's an ectomorph in terms of bone structure and her metabolism was really fast before she started taking the pill when was young.
    So I was wandering about clenbuterol being the right drug for her to use, since caffeine doesn't make any difference in her body composition, and any kind of growth factors is impossible to her to use since she had breast cancer 3 years ago.
    About diet she does have some care with what she eats and is going to start doing some hydroginastcs.
    So what's your opinion about the right drug for her to use? Any answer is very welcomed

  2. Clenbuterol is not the answer.

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