Pro-hormones or Test boosters at 37????

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  1. Prime is great but spendy.I like trib,cissus,blue-up,mass fx,cissus drol,and tribex.I think herbals are good.But i still prefer ps,ph.

  2. USP Powerfull works wonders for me.. natural gh raiser and even boosts test by like 50%. Great results so far and i'm a little over 3 weeks in. Bench max increased from 210-235.

  3. I'm 36 and on day 4 of an Epistane/Propadrol cycle. Not sure if it's one or the other or the combination, but I can sure as **** feel something. My balls are always tingling, my **** gets so hard it feels like it's gonna break through the skin, the weights on every exercise feel lighter and I'm getting an extra rep or two, and I'm 3lbs heavier than I was at the beginning of the week with no change in diet.


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