Diet for the older guys

  1. Diet for the older guys

    Whats up fellow 35 snd olders. I'm turning 40 in Sep. and have a wife and two boys 7 and 2. Anybody have any suggesstions on healthy dinners the family might enjoy that also don't take a ton of time to prepare (I know I'm asking alot).
    I'm trying to lose my gut but figure everyone in the family could benefit from healthier eating. By the way, I usually hit the gym around 4x a week.

  2. Can i suggest you buy a steamer or slow cooker. Both are ideal for cooking potatoes, vegetables meat/fish.Both cook slow thereby retaining the nutrients (vitamins , minerals)
    Eating healthily using means eating bland food so no biscuits, sweets, chocolate, anything with high sugar content and no saturated fat . Dessert can be low fat icecream, yoghurt with a fruit salad.Fats should be unsaturated and monosaturated fat Also cut out alcohol .I dont know how you eat at the moment but avoid the temptation of picking up the phone and ordering a pizza or Mcdonalds or any fast food .Good luck

  3. No saturated fat? There goes hormone production.... Saturated fats are necessary, just you have to be cautious to overall fat levels.

    Replace white rice with brown or wild or go extra crazy and use quinoa (most health food stores sell it). Use fish fillets or chicken breasts instead of pork or chicken legs/thighs. Extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil (saturated) are great fats to cook with. spend the time effort and energy trying different spice combinations. Goya's Sazon is nice on a lot of things.

    The other nite I panfried with no oil about 2lbs of sliced up chicken breasts with a little bit of garlic. I added about 2 cups of hood calorie countdown skim milk (45 cal per 8oz, its reduced fat and reduced carbs), 1/2 cup of lowfat sour cream, and around 1/2-3/4 cup of shredded parmesan/romano cheese. Ended up with a pretty low fat alfredo type sauce that tasted great, and had it over quinoa flour based pasta.

    A good reference that you should look at is

    I've got a jillion posts up about it, but think about this ...

    So when you are grocery shopping for the house, do you pick up a 6 pack of the muffins, or a couple pineapples and some pears, kiwis and grapes?

  4. although i said no saturated fat it is difficult to avoid altogether,Even skimmed milk isnt completely free from saturated fat However monosaturated fat is said to increase testosterone whilest lowering cholestrol (sourced Mens my book monosaturated fat is the better option.

  5. thanks alot! I really appreciate the great advice.

  6. It really is all about the choices, and making sure your house is stocked with the healthier choices. Some healthier choices are more expensive yes, but not all. $4 for a full pineapple, cut it up yourself and you get 3 or so pounds out of it. apples are cheap, celery with non-fat cream cheese or all natural peanut butter are nice snacks too.

    What will really help is making a mental shift to doing 20 minute grocery trips daily vs 2 hour grocery trips once a week. then its simpler to keep fresh fruits + vegetables handy


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