Hip Pain

  1. Hip Pain

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced joint pain in thier hips. It used to be that I could ride in a vehicle for an hour or so before they started hurting and I would have to get out and walk around. Now it happens in less than ten minutes. When I squat, they ache for a couple of days after and the exercise itself is almost unbearable. Coming out of the hole is where it really hurts. Standing is much better than sitting. I have been crushing about 6000mg of Glucosamine and it hasn't done anything. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Yessir!!! Im 46, lifted for app 20 years now.. I've gotten heavy, so I noticed even after dropping 25 lbs, after I sit for a spell ( I am a commercial property manager="lazy ass) my hip-either one side or the other-never both at the same time, hurt like hell when I get up and start walking? Sometimes it's unbearable, but it almost always goes away after I walk for a bit.. BUT, it will come right back after Ive sit for a bit.. let me know if you find out what that is.. Old age, maybe? lol
    I feel ya, brotha...

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