Cant get off my butt

  1. Cant get off my butt

    was into lifting for years, used to love it, i was allways able to get very worked up and angry with my workouts. Had a few injurys (job related not gym related) and havent worked out in a few years. now im in my mid 30s and cant seem to get the drive back. Any ideas on how to find that old spark anything to get me started again supplements, diet ideas, any help would be great. ty in advance.

  2. Not trying to be a ****, but look in the mirror. If you are not happy with what you see the motivation should be there. Especially if you were there at one point in the past.

    Make yourself a promise to yourself that you are going to commit to working out 3 times a week for 6 months. By the end of that 6 months you will like the changes and that will be motivation to keep going.

    Just telling you what worked for me.

  3. i agree with silver. nothing will give you that drive unless you do it. if you want energy, there's caffeine pills or B-12 you can take, but again, you have to push yourself.

  4. wake up in the morning and weigh yourself after you piss. then take measurements of your arms and claves flexed cold. then punish yourself in the gym and keep thinking of your measurments. remeasure in 30 days. make yourself train for that measurement day. it keeps me looking forward to seeing results and what works or not. good luck

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