LOW DHEA levels

  1. LOW DHEA levels

    Test, Estradiol, Cortisol, DHT Progesterone - ALL came back in normal ranges.

    DHEA LOW: 129.7 pg/ml (250-450 normal)

    Little help please?

    1) I have been cranky as hell lately (also dieting though), any correlation?
    2) Suggestions about my course of action to remedy the low number? Supplement 50mg/day?
    3) I "suspect" that manyof the purported benefits that accompany DHEA supplementation are from DHEA's ability to elevate testosterone levels. Well, My Test levels are on the high range of normal. I want to remain in this range so will supplementing DHEA maker my test levels HIGH?


  2. Dermacrine may help.

  3. I also have had low dhea in range, but low I also did searches about it and found there were indicators of early mortality rates or higher disease rates in people with low dhea. I'm only 26 though. blah

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