Powerlifting Benefits Old Dudes

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    Powerlifting Benefits Test in Old Dudes

    A recent study from the College of Physical Education, Catholic University of Brasilia (Taguatinga, Brazil) divided 20 men ages 49-66 into two groups: One group performed traditional resistance training and the other performed power training. Both lifted twice a week for 10 weeks and did the same exercises for three sets of eight reps at roughly the same resistance (40%-60% of one-rep max). The only difference was the power training group did faster, more explosive reps. Results showed that the power-training group experienced a greater increase in muscle thickness in both the quads and biceps than the group training traditionally.

    If hypertrophy is your goal, work explosive reps with traditional bodybuilding movements into your training. Keep the weight light, about 50% of your one rep max, and the reps at 3-10.
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