Help For My Step-Dad

  1. Help For My Step-Dad

    Time to drop some knowledge on him for helping pay for college .

    Hes in his early 50s and going to the gym 5 days a week because he knows he has to to help with his high cholesteral and smoking. Hes a pretty avid golfer, about 10 handicap or so and I guess I was wanted to give him a boost, supplement wise. He has no idea what anything beyond whey does, not really that educated, but I wanted to maybe give him a test booster, AI, or something like that to just kinda make him feel a lot more youthful. What do yall think? Best people to ask are those in that age group right? Thanks guys.

  2. Alllright, I realize no one is helping me but Im having/had my dad try Reversitol at 1 cap a day for a week and see if he felt anything. Felt nothing so far. Maybe something herbal?

  3. Here is a must, STOP SMOKING which affects cholestrol, in turn decrease in test levels. SHOULD NOT BE TAKING AN AI WHILE SMOKING! STOP HIM!
    doing my own thang!

  4. Alright. Ill tell him to quit smoking, something hes been doing since he was 15. About 40 years of cigs now, he aint going to quit. Ill get him off the AI, its only been a few days at a very low dose anyways.

  5. First thing you do for that youngster, especially if you can't get him to quit is get him on somethings that might help keep him alive. I suggest 5,000 IU ED of Vitamin D3 ( I prefer NOW FOODs..BB sized gel caps) and selenium (only 200mcg...small capsules also very cheap like the D3). Vitacost is a good supplier.

    Next for working out I like a natural supp combo that is great for us old farts of CEE/AAKG/Beta-Alanine. This is good for strength and recovery so I can lift more. For energy in my workout I add Green Tea and Caffeine and I am good to go. I will also turn 68 this year and can lift a ton, serious. Help him get serious too. By getting really dedicated to lifting again, it gave me the reason to quit my long cigarrette habit.

  6. ALso get some Niacin to help with the cholesterol; cap him some Green Tea and Grape Seed Extract if you've got time. Look out for this overall health I say; make sure he's got fish oils, a good multi, etc.


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