Interesting Problem

  1. Interesting Problem

    Ok here is the deal. I am 39 yrs. old. I have not taken anything for over a year. My past uses have been hgh, ifg, pmgf, test, superdrol and turinobal.

    I did experience some gyno when i was on hgh,igf and pmgf. I stopped them all; took reloxofen and it away.

    Now out of the blue i am getting gyno and my test score is now 179. A few months ago i had it tested and it was 450. The doctor said my estrogen was normal.

    My doctor recommended surgery, and then i had to tell him about clomid and nolva. He is looking at sending me to two different specialist.

    Any ideas as to what the hell is going on? It looks like i will be taking some test supplementation soon. The DR. says i am took young for it but seeming that i know more about getting rid of gyno than he does.

    Any advice???

  2. Sounds like time for an endocrinologist. I love how some MD's ignore men with low test, but would slam a women on HRT in a heartbeat.

    Either way a good endo should be able to get you straightened out. You may have to come clean about you past supp hx.

  3. Thank you for the reply. Any idea why i could be getting gyno our of the blue. Is it the low test?

  4. Very well could be low test. The interplay of hormones gets a little complex. But since your test was on the low side, seems like that would be a good place to start.

  5. lol im 26 and on TRT and my test was higher than yours (358).. if you want info on my clinic and a referall, PM me. stop dealing with a general MD. they are what you go to for a flu shot, not hormone problems.

  6. Good advice here. Find a doctor who specializes and follow thru, in the long run you will be better off........good luck

  7. Jones..... Good to see you again.. Sorry to hear about the Gyno..... The only way typically to get gyno is the ratio of your Test to Estrogen ....even though your E level may not be high,(test scores really don't mean a damn thing)..... with that low of Test you may be out of ratio and that is where your gyno is stemming from..... Do you have your E levels from your latest labs? I know my Doc keeps me at a range of 18-24 on the Quest labs with a test level in the 800-1200 range...... So that would be around 20% ratio.... I would hit the arimidex before I would do surgery....maybe even try some pgcl.......I hate getting cut.....

  8. Thanks man for the nice comments..

    Posted most of my results here: Lab Results.. Please Advice

    I am trying some Tamox instead of the Arimidex. I have not read up on pgcl and gyno.. might have to right now...

  9. How long have you been on Arimidex/Tamox? I have to take 1 full pill a day to keep my E levels down....... Have you tried taking more?

  10. Just started taking Tamox. using 90 at the moment. Only on day 3 but nips and chest are still tender.

    Not sure how long to run it at that dose. One or two weeks. Thinking hard about switching to some letro and run that and then switch back to tomax.

  11. Hi Jonesy,

    You may have already read this but if not...

    Go the the "Anabolics" forum. There is a sticky titled, "If you think you have gyno, click here."

    Lots of great information and commentary. Good luck with getting this thing resloved. Keep us posted on what eventually worked best for you.

    My2 cents: Get some Trione from Nutraplanet which is an excellent and cheap AI. Aromatase activity increases with age so I'm always freaked out about estrogen conversion.


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